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What's wrong?

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Ever since I got a 2nd cat, my first cat somewhat avoids me. She'll come to see me, and sleep on me, but I can't pick her up. I used to be able to pick her up, but not anymore. Sometimes when she's sleeping on the couch, she just stares at me. I can understand if I just got the 2nd cat, but it's been 2 years. I can pet her, and all of a sudden, she'll bite me for no reason. Over the past couple of months, I noticed that the 2nd cat started not liking getting picked up, and starts biting me when I pet him. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to change their behavior. Thanks
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It could just be a personality issue. Perhaps your cats just do not like being picked up. How old are they?
I have one I rescued very young and bottle fed. When he was weaned he disliked being babied and carried for more than a few minutes. He rather play with the other cats or run off to chase something outside. But I love him for being the way he is so I am content with the seldom times he comes for cuddles or naps in my arms.
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Both cats are about 3yrs old...the male is maybe 3 or 4 months younger. I would understand him since he was a feral cat...still loves going outdoors. The older female, I got from a home when she was 6 weeks old...she used to always be on me, i'd pick her up, but now she runs away.

I still love them both, but would be nice to be able to pet them without getting bit
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A lot of female cats become touch-me-nots as they get older, maybe more so with women, so yours may just be normal, if not as much fun. You could try using a soft brush or fine-tooth comb (with short teeth) on her starting out very lightly on her cheeks for short times, and if you can make it a routine, she may warm up to it a lot and want to be groomed every day (mine does, standing on my lap), but may otherwise never want to be a lap cat.
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Thanks Larke...I'll give that a try. I think I have a soft brush somewhere here
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One of our six cats likes to be picked up - and that's only when she's in the mood. None of them are lap cats. A couple will lie down next to us for brushes, and Lazlo loves to wind around our legs while we pet his cheeks as he walks by.

Our kitties didn't like the brush at first. But give it one or two strokes on the cheek at a time every day, and she'll probably come around to love being brushed. Our cats now DEMAND to be brushed, and they were pretty convinced we were trying to torture them at first.

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