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Anyone has/had a cat with lymphoma?

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my friend just called in me in tears, not only did she just find this out but he is 16 and has kidney disease as well. Just wondering what people have experienced in what to or not to do. She doesn't want to make it worse or for him to be in more pain. The vet isn't really saying to much to her either. She doesn't really know if it's worth doing kemo....sigh.....
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Lymphoma is one of the FEW cancers that is totally worth doing chemo. You can't cure it, but you can improve their quality of life.

The thing with chemo in animals is that its different than people. For people, its all about quantity, but for animals, its all about QUALITY. If your friend really wants to try chemo, have the vet consult with an oncologist, or if there is an oncology specialist in your area, that would be even better because they often have better access to a wider variety of drugs.
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Did your friend say what kind of lymphoma? Intestinal lymphoma doesn't respond well to chemo. My oldest cat Howard passed away last year from the intestinal lymphoma. However, other types of lymphoma do respond well to chemo. You would certainly want to consult an oncologist because of the kidney problems though. I dont know how much that would affect treatment options.
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I had a cat with intestinal lymphoma who died last January. She did have chemo treatments and it never made her sick or changed her personality. Did the vet say if treatment was an option or not because of her kidney disease?
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my grandmother has a cat with lymphoma, died last week
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Yeah, sometimes you do chemo because it actually helps the cat live not just longer but healthier... it's not a cure necessarily but can slow it down and give you as much as a year, maybe more if you're lucky.
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