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Odd Sleeping Spots?

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Does your cats have odd sleeping spots?

My Rocko likes to sleep in the linen closet on top of a CLEAN comforter. He just the cutest thing. Maybe tomorrow I will post a pic of him. Oh yeah as I mentioned in my poop thread in the health forum he likes to sleep in my hair while am sleeping.
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my kitty's will sleep on anything!

they have strange sleeping positions, more than anything else!
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my cat sleeps on chairs or sometimes on top the computer
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my cat will sleep on the phone book, on random spots of the hardwood floor, and other random places. they love the various baskets i have around the house!
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Linus likes to sleep hanging over the back of the chair that sits in front of the heater.

Sassy has a shoe box that he loves to stuff himself into.

Pixie likes to sleep under anything that he can get under.
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chesters favourite spot in my apartment is ontop of the cabinets above the fridge...I even put a little piece of fleece up there for him to snuggle on (it has sheep on it)
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Lucky's favorite sleeping spot

Of course a box is always a good choice
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One of my cats in particular has odd sleeping habits. For one thing, she loves boxes. If there is a box anywhere nearby she is IN it. Not only that, but she leaps into it and gets this crazed look in her eyes that clearly says, "THIS IS NOW MY BOX, I WILL DEFEND IT WITH MY LIFE."

She loves sleeping on top of the computer. I've also caught her sleeping on her back with her butt on the arm of the couch and her head on the cushion so she's basically upside down. And she loves to sleep with her head buried in Cybercat's tummy.

This is my favorite thing she does while sleeping, though:

She puts her legs in the silliest positions.
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Shark will sleep on her radiator bed, computer chair (which spins), the sofa, the dog's cushion, the sink, the bath or my bed.

Brandy sleeps on the sofa or my lap.

And bed, the sofa, any cardboard box that she can squeeze into, across the top of the stairs, in front of my bedroom door, the sink, my lap and last of all, if I am lying on my bed on my stomach, she will lay lengthways down my back so her head rests on my bum!
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Not sure if it's odd or not, but the sleeping spots of choice here are on top of the computer monitor and on top of the satellite box.
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she either sleeps all stretched (like a human!)
or in my slippers
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These are too cute!

Trout isn't too weird with her sleeping habits...sometimes on top of the tv and on top of my monitor..thats about it for her, all her other places are normal
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in my other post i forgot she sleeps on random spots on the floor
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The usual window perch, couch, chair, floor, and when I'm not home, he manages to open the bedroom closet because the door doesn't shut all the way, and squeezes in (I attempt to block it with a chair) and sleeps in the corner on an old blanket I threw in there... sometimes he does it when I'm home and when he hears me coming into the bedroom he sneaks out... I swear he knows I'd rather not have him in there...
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Teddy likes to sleep on the barbeque when the lid is closed (it's not on of course)
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Nabu sleeps on our DVR now.

And our heater.
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My foster kitten Church is sleeping in an odd spot right now... I sometimes sit at the computer in weird positions, such as often with my legs on the chair and leaning to one side so my hip, side and leg are sticking out to the other side. Well, Church seems to think that is a perfect place for a nap! He is right now curled up on my side/hip/leg, heh. I'd take a picture but it would be very difficult to hold the camera the right way!
When I first found Church, his favorite sleeping spot was on the keyboard. My cat Sneakers likes to sleep on top of weird things like magazine, suitcases or briefcases. Put a bag of some sort on the kitchen floor for a little while and you'll find Sneakers lying on it.

Here is the kitten Church sleeping on the keyboard when he was about 7 weeks old (luckily he's stopped as at 12 weeks and over 4 lbs, he now could cover the entire thing and then some!)
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Hmmm Zooie loves plastic sacks, chairs, couches, beds, or random floor areas, and he sleeps on his back, stretched out with his legs curled in, its so cute!

Trinity likes baskets

Buba likes the kitchen tile floor

Baru will sleep in even a box 3x too small ha its great

Mama will sleep anywhere on her back

Piper likes the hallway and sleeping on her back

Nanna likes her little cat post and in my lap or snuggled next to my chest, under my covers, with my arm around her :]
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