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Your kitty scratches

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Yesterday QT gave me a long scratch across my right foot when in the process of jumping from table (I had my feet up) to TV she tripped and clung to my foot on the way down. Ouch! Then today Buddy playfully grabbed my leg and somehow gave me a scratch too.
I found scars on my left wrist, and few more on my lower arms. I also have some on my chest and back.
All of my scratches are from playful kitties. I was wondering if you guys have as many scratches as I have.
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OUCH! The clinging is the worst isn't it? I hope your foot is okay
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With 13 cats I always have sooooo many scratches on me from them playing. For awhile, Taco and Lt. Bear went through a stage where they thought it would be funny to use my leg as a scratching post... literally.
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I haven't had many scratches since I learned to keep my hands and other body parts away from them when we're playing

The last scratch I had was from Swanie trying to jump up on the headboard and not quite making it. He landed in my face (wonderful way to wake up, with a 16 pound cat flying into your face) and accidentally scratched my forehead up near my hairline.
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Since I've gotten into the routine of trimming down Skye's it hasn't been a problem. I think that by doing that because they don't like the feeling they are less apt to use their claws while playing. It's been over a month since Skye's been clipped down and haven't had a scratch on me since. But when we first got her oh man. She would scale up my leg then use the claws as brakes on the way down. Fun times
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how funny that you should post this

I just had Apollo give me some lovely scratches, gushers in fact I picked him up and he's still not too keen on that and he wanted down and slid down my thighs in the process

earlier this week I woke up with a row of short little scratches across my forehead! Hades likes to sleep on my head at night and must have been doing a little flexing in the middle of the night real cute look
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Well let's see..

My SO has a big one on his nose right now. I have a bunch on my arm and some on my chest. All are from Chloe during times that she either didn't want to be held or tricked us into thinking that she was going to give us kisses. Her claws are such a pain to trim! Energetic kittens never want to have it done, so I try to get her when she's asleep but I can only get 2 at once at the most. The only reason I've considered Soft Paws for her is to prevent scratches on me (she doesn't have issues with furniture).

Matilda was already declawed when I adopted her so it's not really an issue with her.
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i get a fair few scratches hehe, as i do have 3 kitty's! they are all babies aswel, so still very playful. when i first got Sparkle, she had a habit of using my leg to climb up! ouch! that really hurts, am so glad she's stopped that now

i only get scratches when they are playing now, or sometimes when they are scared, & clutch on to me
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It isn't usually claws here-- it is kitten teeth.

After we came home from our Christmas break Jack had long nails (we usually trim once a week) and he attempted a jump to the nightstand and in the process ripped my shoulder and neck to shreds--hubby was worried I might need to go to the doctor but I didn't have to.

The teeth on the other hand have marks all over my feet, ankles, hands, arms, wrists. When one fades, one takes its place.

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OMG, cat scratches on forehead and cheeks!! Never had one of those... Hope never will.
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LOTS !! Hundreds !
And if I count how many i got all over the years probably millions..
I love playing with cats and well... they unintentionally hurt us... beside all the accidents-like scratches ... others scratch when i help the vet giving shots.. others while giving pills .... they just do not know is for their own good so i always forgive

I also have lots of scratches in my back and shoulders of my cats thinks he is a monkey... whenever he sees the oportunity (and i am not looking ) he jumps and wants to be carried as a baby... therefore his name...

Just a few on the face, one by accident and two intentionally, one almost cost me an eye... that was a scare...
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ALLLLLLL kinds of scratches! And Bites! From scared kitties, playful ones - stressed out shelter cats sometimes are the worst about this, understandably! Just make sure you clean them thoroughly and use antibio ointment!!! Really!!! I'm serious!!
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In my years with cats, I've had my share, including one on my wrist that looks like a botched suicide attempt.
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I'm always covered in scratches on my hands and wrists

Not from playing... Riley has learned not to play like that with me, but from trying to comb and brush him and from claw trimming sessions. He hates both with a passion and I always end up wounded afterwards.
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i have about 15 scars from scratches on each arm about 10 on my legs and 4 on my chest about 3 on my face
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I've had tons of scratches from my four when they were kittens. One thing I have always wondered is, why do cat scratches take FOREVER to heal?
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At the moment, one on my hand... but there was a time early on where he would slap my hand when he didn't want to be pet anymore, and my hands were a mess, he's caught me on the nose, cheek, head play slapping me, and he'll get my legs when he's in a pouncy mood... I've had tons... going to work and having to explain the scratches was an experience... I thik people thought I had a nasty cat.

And yes! They take FOREVER to heal.. the last one on my leg took weeks!
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Oh I have plenty of scratches... I have a foster kitten who is about 12 weeks and I'm trying to teach him that feet and hands are NOT TOYS! It seemed like he had learned not to bite but then suddenly he started going after my hands like crazy in the last week or two...sigh.
He also likes to 'climb' up my leg when I'm on the computer, to get up on my lap or the desk. I looked at my thigh the other day and realized it's covered with little dots from him leaping up and hanging on!
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Glad I'm not the only one.

Chevy uses our leg as scratch/ stretch posts all the time! Good thing we keep the front claws trimmed!

Today I got nabbed in the arm by Summer's black claws as her and Chevy were chasing one another. I yelled" "All right kids, settle down!" as they both ran down the hall. LOL
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I bear a nice long scar on my right arm which Shark quite happily put there a few months ago. I went to put her outside and she wriggled that much one of her claws dug in quite deep. Boy, that hurt! Bled for ages too..
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Murfie does what i call "zoomies" around the house, she's made her own little kitty playground and has become quite quick at flying around the room!
One day while doing said zoomies, her next stop was the sofa but instead of climbing the sofa she proceeded to climb my leg!!!!! OUCH

I also have a few other tiny scratches from playing but she tends to "bite" more than use her claws which im very VERY grateful for!
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