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Our six year old black female cat becoming extremely aggressive - but not always

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We got Shadow when she was only 4 weeks old from SPCA. It was discovered she was so young when taken to vet. She is loving and personable with husband and myself but usually hides from anyone else. About 2 years ago - when son-in-law visited - our granddaughter (3 years old then) swung her leg at Shadow but did not connect. Our son-in-law was behind her and scolded her and stopped her from doing it again. From that point on - Shadow targeted Dave - our son-in-law. She became a 'crazy cat' when he was around. She stalked him, growled, snarled, hissed, arched back, bared fangs, and once attempted to leap at him. We had to coop her up when he was around or make sure I was nearby. When he left - no more problems. The family came to visit this past August. Although almost 2 years later, the same behavior was immediate when Dave entered house. Once again, disappeared after they left. I know for a fact that Dave never did anything to her - was with him when it all started. Now about 2 weeks ago - Shadow has started the same behavior with husband. He is retired (early retirement due to chronic illness) and home most all day with her. Her aggressive behavior started when he had bought a cedar train whistle and blew it a few times - put it in basement - was coming up the stairs and she was coming down to use litter box. She snarled and growled - came back upstairs and went 'beserk' - arched back, hissing, ears flattened, snarling, peeing on carpet, etc. After husband cleaned up carpet - she stalked him and leapt at him. He had bucket in hand and swung it to protect himself. That was 2 weeks ago. Since then, she has slept by his side, sat on his lap with back to him, and within two minutes could be going totally beserk with no warning. Yesterday she went 'beserk' while in my lap and he just came to give me a portable radio. Pee'd on me, snarled, growled and leapt away. Help! My husband willing to be continually patient but is detesting when Shadow goes full out beserk and having to clean up after her. This cat has shown NO aggression to me at all. We will put her in separate bedroom with food and litter when I work if this continues. Any suggestions? Marcia
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Cats are very particular about routines and they can be sensitive as well. As for the "kicking" incident, she is probably just taking out her fears and aggressions on the person she saw at the time. It could have been him, or anyone else close by. As for your husband, it is proably the same thing. She may be very high strung and these kinds of things may effect her more. I would try buying some Dr.Bachs rescue remedy and keep it in her water, or give her 4 drops a day, every 4 hours. Sometimes, the natural remedy's work really well for them. If not, you may want to talk to the vet about valium to help her get back to normal. They usually don't need to be on it for thier lifetime. They stay on it long enough for them to deal with the anxiety, and get over it.
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I agree with Sandie (as usual). I think some Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy will work wonders. You can find it at most health food stores. Put 4 drops in a couple of teaspoons of canned food, once in the morning and once in the evening...or you can put drops in her water (or directly in her mouth if she'll let you). Rescue Remedy almost always helps mellow a stressed out cat.

I tip my hat to you and your husband for being willing to work with this poor scared kitty!
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Thanks for the two replies. Since both replies feel Dr. Bach's rescue remedy is the answer - I think I will look for it and try it. My son researched on line and found CVS carries it - so that is close. Shadow only growled once yesterday and so far, today is good. But we have had good days before during these last two weeks and then a totally 'bad' day. Last night she jumped on bed and decided she didn't want me - wanted to sleep near my husband. Was peaceful all night. We have no clue what sets this 'maniac' behavior off. Thanks again and I will let you know if remedy helps us turn the corner. Marcia
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I just wanted to say that though I agree with both of these members, Rescue Remedy does not always work. Most times it does, but sometimes, it does not affect the cat either way. I have used it in the past with good results as well as negative results. Both times it did not work on the ferals I was giving it to, it turned out to be health related issues that were setting them off.

It took a bit of detective work and some expensive lab tests as well, but today both cats are fine and sailing right along.
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Thanks for the extra input. Shadow is now in my lap as I am typing. She feels when I am on the computer this is her time to snuggle and have both arms wrapped around her. She is unusual. I know it is probably a good idea to get some bloodwork and urinalysis done. My main hesitation at this time is that the behavior is never towards me. I would think if it was a medical problem - she would have these 'beserk' times with either my husband or myself. I just don't know. But we have an excellent cat vet in area - so if we can dig out soon - that is our next option. Still worth a try with rescue remedy - but seeing vet is also at top of list. She is eating and playing fine. Thanks again. Marcia
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