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Bizarre Situation at Work Continues...

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Some of you guys might have heard about this already, but here's a link to the old thread...
This is another long one, I hope you're ready for some reading!lol
Well, we got thru the pre-holiday thing without anymore episodes & the shop shut down till Jan 2. We worked our 3 days last week with no episodes at all & came back last Monday as usual.
Since the last thread I was in a careful "wait & see" mode...and since "E" didn't do or say anything, I never told the floor boss or had a chance to talk to the owner because he's still recovering from bypass surgery & his visits are very limited.
On Monday I could sense something was going to happen, it feels like a mental peripheral vision sort of thing, but I ignored E & just did my job.
Tuesday morning I came in & did my usual routine, having to walk by E on my way to the back to see what kind of work was in store for the day, & he says "How goes it?" Trying to be lighthearted with me, it's kind of like a joke because it's something the owner says to everyone, kind of like a broken record. I ignore this & keep going.
Not too long after that I have to walk by him again to go to the bathroom. I know he knows I'm in there, & I spend a little more time at it, & decide I'm going to return the back way, through another part of the shop. Well, the one bay door is closed & I didn't want to bother with it, kind of p.o.'d & thinking screw it, I'm not going to let this guy scare me, so i turn around & he is coming the other way to cross my path which has to be intentional, I'm sure he thinks he's being so clever & he says "hey gorgeous", I tell him "Shut up" in a nasty way, not loud. I'm walking fast, not sure he heard me.
Tuesday morning I come into my work area & find a note on my drafting table.
He started off by saying he knows what's real & what isn't& goes on to say that he knows I'm attracted to him, blah blah, I didn't finish the rest, I was shaking & furious. Crunched the letter & just threw it, went out to him & said "You need to leave me alone, what you're doing is harrassment (shouting now)Just leave me the F*** alone!!" He is half turned towards me & making these surprised blinking faces.
I found the floor boss in the office & told him what was going on. And if something isn't done, I'll have to quit my job, I'm not dealing with this anymore.
Later on, the owner(I'll call him the Don) arrives & I asked him if he's going to be around after hours & he's not sure, why, so I told him I needed to talk to him about something serious, etc, etc. I knew the floor boss was busy running back & forth & didn't want to trust him to say anything. Later the floorboss tells me he would rather have the Don confront E because they have an established long term relationship & it would be a better idea. or could it be that E is twice his size?
In the end, towards the end of the day when I was in my work area the Don came to talk to me about what was going on. He remembers the relationship E had with the girl in the office & I get the impression that he thinks this is just another of E's "phases". Whatever, I told him anyway & he agrees that I don't need to deal with that. He was unaware that E is on medication. He said that he would find a way to talk to him, whatever comfort I can find in that, & I told him to be careful. Told the floorboss to be careful.
I'm sure the don wants to tell his wife about it, she is supposedly due back next week. I'm wondering if she will treat it like a big peice of juicy gossip & blow it off. Ok, whatever. She loves E, & his continued employment there is a story in itself.
It took me almost all day to make myself read the letter, I felt I had to read it all before talking to the Don.
E is absolutely delusional, suggesting I meet him half way & wait for him alone in my work area at morning break (which was after I yelled at him to leave me alone. I hope he got the message this time)
Today I was in a spot to keep an eye on E & he kept bothering the punch guy, talking more that working, gesturing with his hands alot. From what E told him, he was waiting to hear it from me, like I guess my ignoring him after the first letter wasn't enough. I thought this guy was smart. E is supposedly "done with it" now. Yeah, we'll see what builds up next week, when he starts getting angry & calling me names.
The don was in today, but neither of them said anything at all to me about talking to E . I will wait till tomorrow & ask if they did or not. The don has a tendency to stick his head in the sand, he may do the same here, who knows.
Well, that's the latest, I hope it all made sense. Thanks for all of the advice & well wishes from before, I am glad you guys are such patient listeners!
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Good job telling the right people!

When you say you threw the letter, you are actually keeping them, right? They're written evidence that you need to keep (and copy). If Don doesn't do anything but stick his head in the sand, he's not good management and that's actually opening up for a sexual harassment suit against the company. It's their responsibility, now that they know of it, to keep this guy in check!

Also document everything, times, dates, etc that you talk with management, E talks to you, etc.
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I agree. Document everything! It will come back to hurt you if you don't.
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Absolutely MUST keep documented evidence, including a journal of events, what happened, who you told, etc., with dates and times. If I were you, I would write them a letter reiterating your request that this problem be dealt with. I'd outline the history of the problems, attach photocopies of E's notes, and hand-deliver one copy of the whole thing to Don and another to the floor boss.

Then, if they don't give you a response in a reasonable time, you can send a copy of that whole package, along with a cover letter, to the labor authority in your state and ask for help.
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No, I didn't throw the letter away, just away from me. I do have this year's events recorded in a little calendar book so far, but I can go back to last year & figure out good dates & write them down.
A male coworker friend also told me about giving management a letter, having them sign it & keeping a copy for myself.
No matter what E is telling someone else about being done with it, I am still on my guard-but I refuse to act fearful of the guy because I think he is just an insecure little bully/jerkoff & I won't give him that power over me.
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Good job, you finally got it out to the people who need to know. I've got nothing of help for you, but I wanted to give you a virtual pat on the back for being so brave! Well done, you!!
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What's the sitation between your bf and E right now? Is he still "out to get him"?
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