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Canadian Human Rights Commission

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I didn't know about this case but I am currently listening to Glen Beck on the radio and he is interviewing Mark Steyn. I wish him luck.

His own words:
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lol that fact he even has to go, is proof that he is right.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
lol that fact he even has to go, is proof that he is right.
It's scary to think how much our liberties can be threatened.
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Sounds like Canada is losing free speech to me. Gotta knuckle under to the Islamic extremists. If they say no free speech, well then that's the ways it's gotta be.
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Complaints have been filed, yes. But that is recent, and I don't think there have been any hearings or any findings. The fact that there will be hearings means only that the complaints are not simply dismissed, not that they will be found valid. Freedom of speech does not include the right to trespass on others' rights, and just as Steyn has a right to his opinion and to express it, those who believe he has trespassed on their human rights have the right to have that claim examined.

I gather the hearing for BC will be in early June. I haven't seen -- if it has been announced -- when Canada and Ontario will hold theirs. Time enough when we hear findings from those hearings, and what those findings are, to discuss freedom of speech and human rights, and where this matter fits into them.
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if the same things where written about Christens it would not have even made it that far,,

so yep, the person was right.
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I don't just seems wrong to me that there would be any hearings at all. Mr. Steyn wrote a book, a magazine (Maclean's) published excerpts from it. I don't see how that stepped on anybody's "human rights".

I agree with the opinion of author of the first item I linked to:
"Of course, a ban on opinions - even disagreeable ones - is the very antithesis of the Western tradition of free speech and freedom of the press."

I don't know if it's true but according to Mr. Steyn in the interview I heard today, nobody who has gone before Canada's Human Rights Commission has ever won their case. If that is true, I hope he is the first.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
if the same things where written about Christens it would not have even made it that far
Exactly, the book just would have been banned before it was even published, if he was criticising Christians.

No - I'm joking. I think he has a right to write about such things. Summonsing him to court is a little bit of a stifling of free speech, is it not?

Although, in some places denying the Holocaust is illegal. That might be a stepping-on of free speech rights, too, but it's a darn fine one, as far as I'm concerned. Some lines should not be crossed.
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This is a case of political correctness gone insane. I fail to see the connection here. How is a written book and the opinions and statements made within it a violation of human rights? Simple, it isn't.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
lol that fact he even has to go, is proof that he is right.
Ok, so if someone published a book saying that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control things (yes, there are people who think that) and Jewish groups got upset about it, would that PROVE that there is a Jewish conspiracy?
Same thing if someone said that African Americans are out to destroy America, etc.

Many people are prejudiced (especially against Muslims these days), and this will always upset the people being discriminated against. It has nothing to do with a Muslim conspiracy.

I don't agree that prejudiced speech should be banned. That really only makes these opinions more attractive to some people who want to rebel or who are paranoid about conspiracies.
Lying isn't a good thing, but it shouldn't be illegal.
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hmm, err , what conspiracy?

his statment was that "among other things, the notion that Islamic culture is incompatible with Canada's liberalized, Western civilization" you can agree or disagree
But that is being racist?..The fact that he is "been summoned to appear before two Canadian judicial panels on charges linked to his book รขโ‚ฌล“ due to 5 islamic law students demanding that the a magazine be punished for puting part of it a a issue..

now if you want to start throwing in honor killings in to that, some of them dp seem to be missing the point

that proves right there, that they dont get the whole idea of freedom of speech.

Just wonder, have you ever picked up a arab newspaper and see what pass for that? cartoons that would make hilter proud.

but to keep things kinda clean,

or how about the arabs coming out within hours of 911 saying that no jews where killed in the towers or planes? lol

sorry, someone brings vaild points, and the first thing that gets down is he get taken to court for expressing his idea,,,yep thought police coming to knock down your door.

so yea, they are missing the point.
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