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Play attack

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Sometimes when Popsie is in a playful mood and I happen to be walking down the stairs he'll wait until I get to the bottom then jump at my leg and try to grab it. It's so funny. Do your cats ever jump at you playfully?
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Hennessy does (to us, and the dog... ) He especially liked it when we had a big sheet of plywood leaned against the wall in a hallway so he could curl up behind it and then jump out.
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Arwen jumps up at me and digs her claws right into my leg, especially when I am wearing tracksuit bottoms with the tassles..she likes to attack those and chew them at the same time!

It doesn't half make my leg hurt when she digs in like that, but it's also funny to watch her trying to dangle from the tassles when she finally gets hold of one...
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I just got a little crinkle tunnel last night. Carter *will* run and pounce on hands and feet he sees on the opposite side of the tunnel. It's so funny watching him go into pounce mode, just waiting for the perfect time.
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My little kitten does. My older cats have outgrown that. Pretty soon I will be moving into a house with stairs. I had better be careful!
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