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Pooping outside the box

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I wasn't for sure where to put this thread at.

Well today, for the 3red time this week I have found poop outside the litter box or very near it. On the end of the poop there was some cat litter on it. So I am guessing whoever was doing it started out in the box. Can anyone give me advice on what to do?

I have 2 cat and 3 litter boxes. 2 out of the 3 has a cover over it and the other one does not. Should I try a bigger cat box? Like a rubber made one? I scoop the poop at least once a day and/or if I smell it.

The poop I found is not hard and its brown in color.

Please someone advice or share your experinces.
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This may sound gross but.....

If each poop has had some litter on it, my question is - does someone in the house have long hair? I have very long hair, and every once in a while one of the kitties ingests it - and sometimes they don't completely pass it when they're pooping - and the poop leaves the box with kitty because of the hair that didn't come completely out is still in kitty. Now when this happens in our house kitty usually freaks, running around, and I find the poop nowhere near the box. But it could just as easily wind up next to the box. ....and I just pull the hair that's still in kitty out (and throw it away and wash my hands!).

That said - this happens infrequently, and almost never basically like one right after another. ...Unless your kitty has discovered a brush with long hair on it, tries to massage her cheeks on it - and ends up basically eating some hair. I could see something like this happening, though it's probably a long shot.

And if it's near or next to the box - I would consider just trying a bigger box at first.

...but it's that litter on the poop that makes me wonder if it's because of a long hair kitty got into her system. Especially since the litter is on just one end of the poop. That it's happened 3x in one week makes me think it would be strange if that is what it is - but maybe she somehow got a couple of long hairs and they're passing at different rates. ??????????????

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Actually you might be on to something there and its never crossed my mind. The first time there was a string in it but it never phased me for some reason.

Well my Rocko the one who I think is doing it likes to sleep in an odd place. On my pillow while I am sleeping...and sometimes I wake up to him lying on my hair. So hes been eating my hair while am sleeping... Thats kinda freaky werid and gross all at the same time. Guess he will have to find a better place to sleep from now on... Lets hope thats the case so he will stop doing it.

Thank you for bringing that up cause i would have never put 2 and 2 together.

Also I know if my hair is wet and I put Rocko on my shoulder like I do my Bear sometimes rocko will eat it.

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Naw.... I never would have known except that Flowerbelle was freaking out running around with a poop trailing behind her, poor baby. She doesn't sleep on my hair or eat it - but I have really long hair, and it winds up on the floor. Hair breaks. And those little rough bumps on cats' tongues are actually little hooks that go backwards, so if a kitty grabs a mouse toy off the floor or something, and there's a hair there, it gets far enough into their mouth, and it can only go one direction - they're not capable of spitting it out.

That's why it's so important to leave wand toys out of reach, because if they start to eat the string, they have no choice but to swallow it. Thank God hair is fine enough that it makes its way through their systems without much problem (knock wood), because I can't imagine life with short hair.

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My kitty BooBoo does that too! My hair is really long, and he normally knows its there and tells me by rubbing his butt on the floor! But if I dont catch it, I have poop somewhere weird!!
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