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in the first photo is my beautiful boy, janet. (as posted in another thread, think feline dame edna everage and that was janet) he was tragically taken from me on 6th october last year.

here he is though with milo, who we got as a companion for him. janet made himself very unpopular with the other cats i had and i figured a kitten would give him more of a chance.

one look at this photo is all the evidence needed. janet had his buddy.

milo missed janet terribly so 6 weeks later we adopted 16 week old shinobi from the local rescue centre. he has given us so much comfort and given milo the friendship he was missing.

not a day goes by that i don't think of janet. i'm still reeling at the suddeness of his death and the unanswered questions i will always have. reading the posts on this site has given me comfort. too few people feel this way about their pets. it is so nice to find so many that do.
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RIP Janet.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your little boy I'm pleased Milo has a new friend as well because they grieve just like we do

A feline version of Dame Edna, i love it!

Have fun at the bridge Janet, and be the diva that i can picture you to be!.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Janet.
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What beautiful orange tiger stripes I hope that you find comfort in the memories of your dear Janet. And how compassionate you were to adopt Shinobi as a comfort to Milo. Janet was truly blessed to have lived in such a loving family
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What a beautiful orange tabby boy Janet was. I hope you are finding comfort in your loving memories of him. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
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rest in peace janet.
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