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Sudden Loose stools - 2 cats

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This is so strange............Brandon my male cat began having somewhat loose stools about two weeks ago, not diarrhea. He has a history of bartonella which he was treated for a year and a half ago with success. I will take a stool sample in to the vet as soon as I can "get a fresh one" to have him tested again. But, now my female has started having a few loose stools too, and I don't know if they are related or not and what is causing it. They are both indoor only, they have not changed foods, not around other cats, up to date on vaccinations. Brandon eats California Natural Dry and part of a Meow Mix pouch when he feels like it. Kabou my female is almost totally on raw rabbit diet, except for a few pieces of Brandon's kibble which she sneaks from him. I use the CatNutrition.org recipe and she has done beautifully on it for last 6 months! She did have IBD symptoms prior to putting her on raw but has been fairly symptom free since changing to raw.

Could they have somehow gotten worms even though they are inside cats only? I will take them to the vet if it persists, but I'm so puzzled! Any ideas?
Thank you!
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they may have a virus ...yes indoor cats can get worms , you can bring in eggs on shoes, a flea bite can give tapeworms... have you tried something like pumpkin to see if stools improve??
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Well, heck, I was afraid of that. Hopefully not a virus. No, I haven't tried pumpkin, but I will. Do I add just a small amount to their food?
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See if half a teaspoon will do the trick. Also, just so there's no misunderstanding, make sure it is canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling. Let us know how that goes.
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