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Eye infection?

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When Jack went to his first vet (9 weeks ago) (was a stray) he had a weepy eye, we put trioptic-P gel in his eyes and it cleared up (they never said it was herpes, they said it was an eye infection.)

Two days ago I noticed Jack's eye was pink and weepy again. We had eye meds left so we started putting it in 2 times a day like before. Today is the third day and his eye doesn't look any better.

Should he go to the vet? Should I give it another day and see if the anti-biotic works?

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It's best you took him to the vet, but if you wanted to wait another day and see how the antibiotics are working you could do that.
I would rather he went to see the vet though, it is a possibility that there will be no changes after a day.

Hope this helps in any way and hope your kitty gets better!

One more thing..my eldest cat Brandy still suffers with a weepy eye, and it has been 3 years since we first bought him, he has had it since he was a tiny kitten. Every now and then it dries up and looks scabby, but apart from that, it doesn't seem to bother him that much.
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It could be a food allergy. I ran out of the cats normal food over Christmas and had to feed cheap food for a couple of days and two of them started having weepy eyes which got better after a few days on the proper food. My dog had the same problem before I moved to a grain-free dog food. It's worth investigating anyhow!
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Thanks for the insight.

He's been on the same food for nearly 7 weeks. But I'll definitely look into that.

I read a lot about herpes in cats. I have a gut feeling this is our issue.

We'll see how things are in the morning and go from there.

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This sounds like it could be feline herpes. Zinnia had major eye issues for months. She is now on a daily dose of an amino acid that inhibits the herpes virus. It is called L-lysine. It is something you could investigate. She still has a runny eye but no more infections.

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Thanks for the link.

What is funny is that I carry oral herpes (cold sores) and I was just recommended to take a daily dose of L-lysine to stop flare ups.

So now we both may have to take it--I better start buying it a Sam's Club.

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