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HI-I feed cats outside my mobile home here in Bear, Delaware. These are cats that people have just put out and they are on their own. we also have ferals in the mix.
My dilemma is providing water when it is freezing outside.
Can anyone give me any suggestions?
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Poor little kitties. It's so good of you to take care of them. It never freezes where I live (sunny Israel)... but I'll ask around and try to find an answer for you.
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The only thing I could find is that they do make electric powered water heating bowls, this only works if close enough to an outlet. The other is a product called solar sipper but it has to be in the sun and it cant get below 30 degrees to work. Best advice is to keep the bowls in the sun, close to their food and check it all the time. I hope this helps!!!
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I feed feral cats in Hartford. In an effort to keep their water supply from freezing, I get a packet of salt from Burger King, McDonalds, etc. and put it in the water. This prevents it from freezing (or freezing too quickly). It will also help the cats retain water in case they don't get any for a day or two. Eventually the water does freeze, but by the time it does, I'm already there replacing it.

Another thing you might want to do is to get a 20 gallon bin with a top on it. Flip the bind over so the cover is on the bottom. Cut out a "U" shaped hole and fill the bin with newspaper, hay and a blanket along with food and water. This will at least give them a place to go out of the cold and wind.

You're a very special person to do that. Working for a rescue organization, I get so angry when people just leave their pets to fend for themselves.
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Donna-thanks for the suggestion. I would never had thought about that. I will do it as soon as i sign off. Yes, i will never understand people. I just brought a kitten(about 8months old in from the cold in December. I have 8 cats and live in a mobile home park. I do want to put a shelter out there but It has got to be park appealing--I saw a dog house which up off the ground, it claims that it holds heat in the winter and cool in the summer. I will be looking into it. I am surprised at the cats I am seeing out there. One is a birman type cat, one white long hair with blue eyes. You usually just see the tabby types but they are throwing away all kinds of cats.
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