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I know you have them...UFO's!!

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Yes you do have UFO's.....unidentified frozen objects lurking in the back or bottom of your freezer.

While prepping the meat for yesterday's stew I realized I didn't have enough beef so I got some containers and gloves and went mining in the chest freezer.

What I found.... about 30 pkg of frozen corn (from my garden) about the same of peppers some which looked at bit icky. Some yoghurt that I froze (why??) Puff pasty dough: age undetermined.
I do not have to buy any hamburger (which I just bought another 5 pounds)
until spring arrives.

I have a bundle of items that I will be tossing and tried to do some arranging of items for easier retrieval.

I also have alot of UFOIJ's too (unidentified frozen objects in jars).
I think we will be having lots of surprise meals in the next few weeks.
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Yeah..... my freezer is practically crawling away. I'm intending to find an explosive to clean it out with, there's nothing else that's gunna do the job as well! We keeps UFOs until they hit ALIENS stage.

All Leftovers In 'Ere Now Suspicious.
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Ah, the disadvantages of a chest freezer! I wish we had one, but I know we'd find alot of ufo's in ours too!
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Not anymore, one of the kids unplugged my freezer , we found it last weekend, needless to say we had no choice, but to throw everything out and clean it.
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Love how you put UFO to stand for unidentified frozen objects! Thought that was cute
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I love having a freezer! But I don't like my chest-type freezer because things get so easily lost at the bottom. If I ever have to buy another freezer I'm getting an upright one. Not ony are they easier to access, but they also take up less room.

I hate to be wasteful and rarely throw anything out that has been frozen. If it's meat that I find that has been in there a really long time and has suffered "freezer burn", that doesn't mean that it's no good to eat anymore. For those types of things I will use up in a stewed-type recipe.

One time last year or the year before I cleaned out the freezer and found 3 frozen chickens, a roast beef and a pork roast. They had been in there between 6 months and a year. I still used them and they were fine.

I have some frozen rhubarb that is about 6 years old. I'll make up some jam or a pie one day.
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How funny you should mention this!! MY daughter and I just cleaned out my fridge!! Wow-talk about scary material!!
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Not me. I don't have a single unidentified thing in my freezer.

Of course, this is only because we lost power for 5 days in August and had to toss everything. Give me a few more months, and I'm sure I'll have several UFOs lurking in there.
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Not me. My freezer is pretty much empty except for a bag of old hash browns and a few tv dinners.
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Oh yeah!!! I found a vacuume packed almost looked like twinkies I called my granny and asked what on earth she gave me a few months back that looked like that. It was vaccumed sealed LONG JOHNS! Who on earth vacuume seals cream stuffed long johns?!!!!
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Many, many years ago when I was briefly married, my then-husband and I spent a summer housesitting for an older couple we knew while they went on a motorhome tour of the States. It was a matter of honor, of course, to leave their fabulous golf-resort home exactly as we had found it.

But every time I opened the freezer, I couldn't help staring for a moment at a certain package stashed away in the back. It was heavily wrapped in foil reinforced with masking tape, and written on the tape was a single word:

b a t s

Nahhh. Couldn't be. These are perfectly lovely people, I reasoned. No way they're part of some strange satan-worshipping cult and like to make bat stew for their dinner parties.

Still, the package made me nervous.

Finally, the day before the owners were to arrive home, I put on some rubber gloves and ever-so-carefully peeled away the masking tape and unfolded the foil layer by layer...

...and it was batteries. EverReady. Double-A.

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That's hilarious, Carol! Why on earth, though, would they put batteries in their freezer?
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Do we have dingbats in Plano? I am evacuating this place and moving to Farmers Branch. Into a three story home so I will not be making many trips to the freezer. Hard to tell what I may find in there after a few years. Oh, besides bats, people used to keep film in the freezer. You probably won't find too much film in freezers these days.
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We keep film in the fridge next to the yogurt in the little covered area meant for butter. There isn't anything really scary in our freezer...unless you count my super-hot batch of chili! I did find a piece of vacuum packed smoked salmon from the Seattle Fish Market that was about a year old. In the fridge, on the top shelf in the back corner is a little rubbermaid container with cookies. They have solid chocolate coating on one side and stripes on the other. These otherwise innocent looking cookies have been in the fridge ever since my hubby bought this house about 13 (or maybe 14) years ago. He refuses to get rid of them, and insists that they are still good.
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The freezer really isn't that scary, but then again we've only lived in the house for a year. There are a few things frozen that DH and I are like "is that chicken or pork?" "I don't know...thaw it and find out", so we do have some mystery dinners. It's the actual refridgerator I'm afraid to open half the time. Things in the freezer are hibernating...things in the fridge actually talk to me!

Now, my MIL's deep freeze is another story. She used it mainly to store gallon jugs of goat's milk (she sold it to a deer rescue place) and if you dig down deep you will find roasts that have been in there for 3, 5, 7 years. We cook them up on cold nights and feed them to the barn cats.
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UFO - how great! Being somewhat anal retentive, I label everything in my freezer. Ya know, I just had to throw out all of those whose dates were in 2006!
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Yeah, I confess -- I have UFOs and the ones in jars, plus the fridges - both of them - contain science experiments, too! Time to pull on the rubber gloves and do some cleaning!
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Oh my, I have an obscene amount of UFO's in my freezer...I am too afraid to clean it out
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I don't even have a chest freezer or anything, but stuff does find its way to the back/ bottom of the freezer.

Awhile back we found some brat shaped meat thing that Scott's mom gave us a long time ago. I had / still have no idea what they were. Too dark to be brats, but not sausage. I know both sausage and brats hold up well in the freezer, so Scott cooked a few up and they were horrible! We threw them out ASAP! Now I'm leary about stuff she gives us...
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Yuck! If I can't reconize it I can't eat it!! Anything freezer burned goes in the garbage! I do have mystery meat in there! But since I have an insanly small freezer there isn't too much!
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Well When I went to scoop out the cats litter boxes yesterday morning I noticed a couple of containers that I had forgot to put back in the freezer. Or actually I smelled them too.
Good thing our baement isn't heated!! Anyhow-it was terribly expensive shrimp-EWWWWWW!

So I bagged the containers up-of course smelly shrimp water on the floor-will have to dump some bleach on that. Carried out to garbage can in garage. Went back to garage about 20 minutes later and saw Ox by the can. The plastic bag leaked and I must have a crack in garbage can and smelly shrimp water now on garage floor. Wiped that up but will have to clean that part of the floor too. YIKES!!!
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My freezer is generally empty. I find I cook better from unfrozen stuff. We used to freeze all our meats, but I'd either not use them or I'd forget to defrost them in time so the flavor would be lacking (I like to marinate my meats). Now I make a weekly menu and shop for that, so I don't need to freeze much of anything.

I can tell you off the top of my head what I have in my freezer: 2 packages of imitation crab meat, a package of swiss steak, half a box of frozen fish fillets, 3 bags of frozen veggies, 4 soft ice packs, 5 hard cooler ice packs, a container of Italian White Cookies and a container of Italian Chocolate Cookies, both from Christmas. That's it!
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