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There is some great advice/hints here, but does anyone have experience of 'inappropriate' peeing in a multi-cat household? I have four cats - George and Loulou are 9 and I've had them for seven years, Mini Me is 18 months and I've had her since she was a kitten, and Jeffrey is four months, had him since he was about eight weeks. Although George and Loulou have always been nervous cats, they have taken reasonably well to the newcomers.

However, about two weeks ago Loulou started getting very aggressive towards Mini Me and started attacking her at every available opportunity. At the same time she started urinating on the carpets, curtains and furniture. Mini Me is turning into a nervous wreck and spends a lot of time hiding in a box, while Loulou is v sweet most of the time, but just has these moments when she's a bully. I guess this is behavioural, although I will get her checked at the vet for FLUTD just to be sure.

I would understand if she was attacking Jeffrey, the latest arrival, but she has been getting on pretty well with Mini Me for the last 18 months. So why has she suddenly changed like this? Could Mini Me have become more of a threat as she's got older/bigger? I will take the advice about using citrus and tin foil to try and stop the peeing, but can anyone advise on how to stop the aggression? They used to be friends (well almost!) so it is v strange that Loulou is now being like this. I can't pinpoint any major changes in the household that might have upset her so much, except for the introduction of Jeffrey, and that was a couple of months ago now.