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I am frustrated!

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Talk about frustrating!!

I was on line checking my bank statement and I see a amount for $10.95 taken out....from People PC(a internet company I USED to have). So I call them to find out what is going on(because I can cancelled my acct with them at least 3 mos ago)

I have been put through at least 5 different people(I cant understand any of them) and I am getting the run around! They say they dont have the "authority" to refund my money! WTH? I don't have them anymore.......cant they just understand that? We moved. Simple as that. I don't need your dang service!!! I am sitting here waiting, as once again I am getting transferred to another person!!!!

Why does it have to be soooooooooooooooooooo difficult???!!?

ETA: Oh holy smokes.......after talking to 5 different people, this last lady I talked to said the guy that transferred me to her, told her I want to install people pc back on my computer!! NOOOOO! I do not....I told you when I first called I dont have you, dont want you, dont need you! Why would I need two internet providers?!?! D'oh!!!!

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I had the exact same problem with AO* a few years back... I cancelled... they 'gave' me a couple months free to 'transfer all my links/addresses/faves to something else (ummm... okay) and then the arrangement was that they'd not bill me again... OI was done... ahem... after my 'free' period, they started billing me again... I called, they said I hadn't cancelled... I let them know where they could shove their service and those annoying little free cd-roms. Of course, I did that after making sure they cancelled everything...

Sometimes a little threatening and swearing CAN do good... I was mad at them for sc***ing me over... and let them know... today I might handle it a tiny bit different... get it in writing, etc... then tell them where to go.

Good luck... get names, write down times and dates, and if you have access, have them fax you a written confirmation. Or have them email it to you... while you're on the phone (to a current email, of course)

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We have had problems like that before but with a different internet provider. You would think they would be more organized to know that you don't have an account with them & not to charge your bank for it.
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
We have had problems like that before but with a different internet provider. You would think they would be more organized to know that you don't have an account with them & not to charge your bank for it.
I know!! I am so angry over this! I want to report them so bad
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Why is nothing ever easy... how hard is it for people to understand CANCEL the membership UGGGGG
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Sounds like they need a call from the Bat Brigade I hate that too - I had a problem with a different company a while ago, they took money for a service I didn't even subscribe to!! I had registered with them, but cancelled my account before anything happened, and they charged me anyway! I was put through to a call centre in INDIA, where of course you understand no-one and I didn't get what I wanted until I screamed and threatened to go through the legal system. I hate that there are so many companies that think they can get away with such poor custromer service.
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I had that trouble with AOL.

Back when I first got DSL my ISP was not very reliable with it's connection and it was down more often than it was up. And less than a year after I signed up they reached their maximum client capacity and had to expand, so once again it was down for service more often than it was up. In the meantime I decided to pay AOL for back up dial up access.

Eventually my ISP got itself sorted out and became reliable and I cancelled the AOL. One day some months later I noticed that I had been charged $30.00 by AOL on my credit card. I had no clue what the charge was for. I called and apparently they hadn't disconnected me as I had instructed and I didn't notice earlier that they had charged me before (yeah, I know...I should have been looking at my credit card balances each month, but when I wasn't making any purchases, I didn't feel a need to scruitinize my bill).

Anyway, they were loathe to disconnect the service and refund me the money for the 2 charges that I didn't authorize after I had asked them to cancel the service. They did their best to try and convince me to stay with them and sign up for DSL and they were going to give me 6 months free etc.

AOL internet is like a parasite when it's on your computer. It literally gets into everything and is hard to remove. Often requiring a complete reformat of your computer. Which is why I ended up cancelling their internet to begin with.

Another time some years back I bought my then boy friend a 1 year subscription to an "adult" site for his birthday, because he liked to look at that kind of stuff and I find it harmless.

About 8 months after the subscription ran out I saw a charge for $50.00 on my credit card. The charge was from a completely different company! Not that that really mattered. The fact is that I cancelled the subscription after 1 year and they shouldn't have charged me at all after that, especially a random charge 8 months later!

I contacted my credit card company and provided proof, and they reversed the charges. I also contacted that other company and told them to lose my information or they would face a law suit for attempted theft.

Contact your bank and have them reverse the charges that you did not authorize.

So many companies online try and pull some fast one hoping that people won't notice the charges... and unfortunately they get away with it because many people don't pay attention and don't notice.
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