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Cat food mega-deal!

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I was so excited, I just had to post and tell ya! My DH went to the pet store yesterday and they have decided that they are not going to carry Felidae, Eagle Pack, or Chicken Soup canned cat food anymore. All of which I will feed, along with Wellness. They offered it all at 50% off. He called me to ask me if I wanted some, and I said YEAH get some!

Well, my husband is THE consumate business man always! He arrived home and surprised me with 397 cans of cat food He bargained with the manager to take all the clearanced food off his hands for 75% off!

I have 6 cats and a constant flow of at least one to sometimes three fosters in at a time, and I also give a few days supply of food to any cats I adopt out too, so I'll use it!

Whoooo, so excited that I won't be shopping for cat food for at least 5 months, if not a month or so more!

So the Chicken Soup was about 18 cents a can, and the Eagle Pack and the Felidae were about 27 cents a can
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Wow, what a great deal! Your set for quite awhile!
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holy smokes!!! That is the deal of the century!! timing is everything, eh?
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Wow!! Thats one heck of a deal!!!
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Wow, that's a deal I dream of! Lucky you!!
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Wow, what a great deal!
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You hit the jackpot
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He surprised me when he came to the door with a big heavy cardboard box full of cans, I was like HIly Cow! You got soo many! He laughed and said there are three more boxes in his truck still

100 bucks for about 400 cans of food Now when it is all said and done, I can't shop there for food anymore though, I'll have to do a little research to find another pet store that carries the other brands. Well they still will carry Wellness of course, but none of the other good stuff.
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no doubt.... what a DEAL!
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WOW you got a deal ... I do hope DH checked to ensure they were all within date
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What a smart cookie you are to have married such a clever guy That's a once-in-a-lifetime deal
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