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Kitten throwing up

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When I brought Shelby home from the breeder, the breeder told me that Shelby was eating only dry food. Since my other two cats eat nothing but dry food and Persi was raised from a Kitten on dry food, I continued to feed Shelby dry food. She was 8 weeks old when we got her and she is now 11 weeks old. The last few days she acts like she is having a hard time eating the dry food, turning her head and closing her eyes tight to crunch the food. Then, on occasion, she goes over near the litter box to throw up. After she throws up, she heads for one of the many water dishes around the house. I was hoping she could eat dry food like my other cats but maybe not? Now here is the strange thing about all this. She only throws up when eating the kitten food. She steals the adult food whenever she can and has no problem with that. I have since fixed the food situation so the adults cannot eat the kitten food and the kitten cannot eat the adult food. My adult cats have been so healthy on their dry food I never gave it a thought feeding the young one the same thing in the kitten version. The same thing being Science Diet Indoor Cat and Science Diet Kitten formulas. I have not yet tried wetting her food although I imagine that will be something I should do.
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Do NOT wet dry kibble, that only encourages bacteria growth.

Please try a different brand of kitten food - the one you are giving her may have ingredients that are causing allergic reactions.

For example, there was one flavor of Nutro dry kitten food that would cause my Ginger to throw up when she was a small kitten, but when I switched to a different flavor, the vomiting stopped.

Something to consider: You should offer wet food to your cats at LEAST once in a while, for if they only ever eat dry food, and a health issue should arise that requires they eat wet food ONLY, you may have serious problems getting them to switch to wet food.

And wet kitten food may be easier on Shelby's tummy. You might want to give it a try.
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What Betsy said...Science Diet is not that good of a food for the price.

Sounds to me like she also might have a hairball stuck, try giving her some hairball gel and see if that helps
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I would try another food, our vet suggest Science diet for Lucky, she couldn't keep it down,
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i would try a basic formula like cal natural or natural choice and get a simple wet food ie read the label not chn, fish beef liver ... more like chn , chn liver
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