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The bathroom sink. . . .

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Do any of you guys have cats that like to lounge in the bathroom sinks?

Mercury does, pretty much every morning when I am in the bathroom, he chills out in the sink. Well unluckily for him, I was pretty groggy when I got up this morning and I didn't turn on the light in the bathroom right away. I completely forgot that my boy is always in the sink and turned the on the water on him! Needless to say, he was not very happy with me for my indiscretion. Luckily for me though, he forgave me fast and was asking for some attention before I had to leave for work.
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My Dushka likes the sink, so does Persil, though not as often. There is a very funny website called 'catsinsinks' - you would have to google it as I have lost the link. You can send pix in.
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Our cat Sage loves the bathroom sink, he loves to lay in there although he barely fits. He sure is as snug as a bug in the sink Shilo & Sadee love to take the drains out of the sink & play in them. Silly kitties
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Riley will play in the sink if the water is running, but doesn't get up there any other time.
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Zane used to, but I think that he once got shut in when the bathroom door blew shut, so he doesn't any more.
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That and the bath tub!!
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Bath tub is more used here--Jack takes toys in the bathtub, lays in the tub, demands (yes, meows) you run the water so he can get a drink. Although he does sleep in the powder room sink

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Oh yes both my white boys love the bathroom!! from the sink to the tub and last but NOT least the toilet!
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Pixie's favorite spot is the bathroom sink while I am getting for work in the morning.
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I have never seen them do it, but there is definitely evidence of such activity in said sink!
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Both Shark and Arwen will take turns to sleep in the sink, Brandy wont fit in there! I do pity him, he is a bit on the big side...anyway he prefers a nice warm sofa to a cold sink.
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This is Sonny our Ragdoll who passed away 2 years ago. The sink is an xtra large one.

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Cali is the only one who likes to play in the sink. She sleeps there, plays with my hair ties, (and anything else she can get her paws on)and likes it when I put my contacts in because she gets to lick the solution off herself.

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The mention of the bathtub reminds me of a daft thing Zane did once. He came charging up the stairs in what I call 'full cheetah mode', pelted down the hall to the bathroom, and jumped into the tub. Fortunately it was empty at the time.
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My cat when I was a kid, Tiger, used to love to sleep in the sink, and the tub as well. And since he was a big longhaired orange tabby and white cat, and the sink was not that big, he barely fit in. Although that didn't faze him at all...

fyi, the cats-in-sinks web site is here
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Duchess loves the bathroom sink. She is my alpha female and also the oldest and I think she goes in there so the others will leave her alone.
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Squishy doesn't hang out in the sink, she loves the bathtub.... even when you turn the shower on she acts like she wants to jump in until a drop of water hits her then she is gone lol
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my angel cat used to do it
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