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Leaving him in his enclosure overnight

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I need reassurance. We've had some stinking hot days here lately. In the last week or two, Charlie has been finding it hard to handle being inside, even though we have air con. Other areas of the house are hot and perhaps the house just is too stuffy being that he's only a foot off the ground.

He started meowing ALOT. Walking around meowing meowing, going to every single door and window to find a way out, trying to climb the blinds, meowing on my window sill. If he thinks he isn't getting through, he walks around with his mouth open and no meow, then closes it it and meows again. Once he goes outside, even if it's warm, he is happy and curls up in the grass and gives me love.

I am a good mum. I check to make sure hes got no spots or lumps or injuries. This sudden meowing the last two weeks really got me worried, but he only does it in the house. I thought something might've freaked him out outside, he was indoors when he started meowing, and i think it was on one of the highest temps of the week. Even though the enclosure is about 80-90% shaded, and there's fresh water, and various areas to perch, sleep and hide, i worry about having him out as we were told years ago he had a heart murmer, but were never told it was serious or given any medication. He's not fat, he just has the spay sway, i worry about the heat affecting him. He has very thick fur.

Mum told me when i got home on the weekend, that he had meowed so much at night and woken her up, he wouldn't stop, she put him outside, he didn't want to come back in, and he spent the entire night outside, and was still there in the morning.

I just tried convincing him to come in, but he won't. It's now 10:30pm and i've decided to leave him in. But i'm freaking out because even though mum's done it once (while i was away) that he could escape. Logically he'd need to have alot of willpower and be heavier to somehow keep pushing and pushing the doors till the latches come out but i've also laid a big piece of wood against it so it makes it harder for him.

Please, someone re-assure me. We only have 11 days till the move, he'll be getting some Clomicalm (the anti-depressants he was on for a while after Jazzy died) just before we move, and after to help with the transition, he stresses alot (like me). I want this week and a half to go quick. But once we get there the enclosure has to be rebuilt as it needs a proper door, a waterproof sleeping area, a run, a link from the house and a sandpit for litter. We don't know how long it will take to do and i don't know if there is some way to have a temporary enclosure while we make this one. The backyard is on a slope and there are few flat areas.

I think i need some of those meds

Please please re-assure me in 8 hours he will be there when mum wakes up and checks on him (she'll be getting ready for work so a little before i wake up she keeps him company)


I love my baby, i couldn't bear losing another cat in a year, please send lots of vibes, tell me i'm not crazy just over protective, and that it will be fine.
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Everything turned out fine. But i would've assumed someone might've replied to this. I desperately needed someone to talk to me.

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I'm glad it worked out well for you.

Sorry, I was getting ready for work with your first post and just now getting time to read the posts.
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Today was hot and stinky again, then all of a sudden it started pouring down and thundering. Even though i added extra fabric and moving bits of wood around to make sure at least his little box with his towel in the corner stayed dry, i thought i'd bring him in anyway. As soon as i bring him in he starts meowing again to go outside!!

So now i'm soaking wet, i was planning on going out, and it's muggy again so i'm sweaty and my clothes won't dry.

It's like Charlie doesn't want to be inside anymore. I'm not letting him run around freely again.
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I'm sorry I can't help with the sudden meowing other than to suggest a vet visit.

I wouldn't keep him out all day with the weather we've had lately. Breeders I know are even bringing their spraying stud boys in rather than have them outside when it's 38c and above for days at a time.

Probably mid 30's he'd be okay to spend all his time out there if he's happier.
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Aw, I'm sorry, I didn't get to read much at work today. Hope you've got it sorted.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Aw, I'm sorry, I didn't get to read much at work today. Hope you've got it sorted.
Me too, and I don't venture into this forum too often I hope he is okay
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