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Cat wont stop eating

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I have a problem with my cat, she won't stop eating! She thinks she should eat all day long. She is not overweight, but not skinny either. I feed her little more than a handful of food every morning. But if I don't get up early enough to feed her, she bites my arm until I get up.

But then al ot of times during the day she will follow me around and meow at me because she wants fed. I can't leave any food on teh counters, or she eats it. If I have a plate on the table and I get up and throw the food away, she will isntantly be on the table licking it! I have a George Foreman grill, and you know how the fat/grease drips down into the drip container? Well I made a cheeseburger and then I was eating the burger not paying attention. Well when I was done I went out to the kitchen to empty the drip container. But my cat had already ATE IT ALL!! I was worried she would get sick or something.. but she was okay.

And when I feed her in the morning, she gulps it all down right away. She doesn't leave any in the bowl or anything. I even have her on food taht is for indoor cats who are overweight.

I took her to the vets in Sept and she was diagnosed with FLV.. but she had no symptoms at the time. They said it was weird that she was perfectly healthy but tested positive for the virus. They told me to bring her back in 6 months to retest her in case there was some kind of error in the results.

Does anyone have any idea whats goign on here? is this normal for cats? Does it sound like diabetes maybE? I just don't know what to do anymore!!
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I also forgot to mention that my cat is about 6 years old. She had her yearly shots 2 years ago but from then on she was an indoor cat and did not have her shots. When she got her shots 2 years ago she did not have FLV and had the shot for it I believe. But then she came in contact with a stray cat a few times. My cat that I have now, used to live with an elderly woman. But the stray cat would come in the house and just eat some of the cats food adn then leave. And I know that the FLV can be transmitted thru saliva. So if she really does have it then that would be how she got it, because she is an indoor cat.
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Has she ever been checked for worms? Even as an indoor cat, she could get them if a flea was carried in from the outside.
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I don't know about the virus thing but maybe your not feeding your cat enough? My cat, Rocko, wants food ALL the time too. He does not have worms because he just had Dortal(i think thats the name of it ) thats suppose to prevent worms. What I do is feed a handful in the morning and in the afternoon a little less than a handful and then an hour or so before i go to bed. That lays off the meows and rubbin up against me some. So if your cat is not overweight maybe consider giving it a little food before you go to bed.
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Worms may be a possibility.

What food are you feeding? I had a cat that was hungry & meowing ALLLL the time. So I started feeding higher quality dry and supplementing with premium wet. The very first time I gave her some of the better wet, she curled right up and went to sleep. She never did that before.
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