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Felix was such a clever puss

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Hi I am newish to the site ( see my introduction in New Cats on the Block).
After reading some of the quirky things some of your cats get up to I just wanted to share a story with you about my cat Felix ( R.I.P 1998).

Felix used to be the first awake in the morning and had his usual ritual of breakfast and potty.
One morning I thought I would trick him and pretend to still be fast asleep........I watched him through the slits of my eyelids.
First Felix stood on my chest and stared at my face like he always did to wake me....... he then sniffed my nose (checking my vital signs) When I still didn't wake, he slapped me across the face a few times.........It was hard to keep up the charade and not burst into laughter.
When all that wasn't successful he jumped off the bed and walked towards my bedroom door (which was ajar) and he looked over his shoulder at me.
Then he stood on his hind legs and raised his front legs and gave the door an almighty push to slam the door hard.
The look on his face read "Well, DID THAT WAKE YOU!!!)
Yes it did.
From then on, that was Felix's favourite way of rousing me out of my slumber.

Geez I loved him so much and still miss him to this day.
I can't wait to see what quirky things my kitties will do when the grow up.
Samson is already reminding me a little of Felix.........but at the end of the day there will be only one Felix My Heart Cat!
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I'm so sorry about your loss We never stop missing them.

He sounds like such a clever boy!
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He sounds very clever, like my Felix. Sorry for your loss. Cally
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Aww Felix sounded like a cutie pie!
That is so wonderful how Felix used to wake you up like that, what a smarty pants!
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Awww, how cute! Felix sounds like he was your soulmate kitty..he sounds like he was very special

Welcome to TCS by the way
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Aww! Sorry for your loss of Felix, he sounded like a real cutie pie...

Welcome to TCS btw
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Welcome to TCS and sharing such a cute story about Felix. He sounds like he was a very special cat.
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