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Cat Cough

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Please help me and my precious cat!

My cat has been having coughing fits on and off for a few months and they are increasing in frequency. I have taken him to the vet a few times and the vet says there is not a problem and thinks it is a mild allergy and there is nothing to be done. I just don't believe this as my cat's coughs are increasing and getting worse. He is a new vet since i have moved town and he does not seem to be very invested in his profession. More of your basic GP versus a cat specialist.

My cat is not coughing anything up but after he coughs he seems to swallow something between coughs. It may be to wet his throat between coughs but I am not sure.. He has never had hair balls and is not spitting anything up. It is a slightly moist cough, not dry and not wet just kind of a hacking. His temperament has not changed at all since this began. Some days he may only have a fit twice, other days it may be ten times. I am getting frustrated with the vet and don't know what I can do for my poor cat.

He is so important to me and I have no idea what to do. Any advice?

Sometimes the coughs are more frequent, with less pauses between them. I am very worried and will be taking him to another vet in a few days but any advice would be much appreciated. As you can see at the end of the video if it posts, the fits do not seem to bother him, he will just settle back down to whatever he was doing (in this case, sleeping .

I am trying to upload a link to one of his coughing fits and will post it if I can.

Thank you very very much for any advice, (very much!)

Very Concerned Owner
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Is there Wheezing or anything.? Coco my cat has Asthma and Coughs when it acts up. Was he checked for that or bronchitis or heart problems. All those can cause coughs.
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Here is a link to a YouTube video of a cat having an asthma attack. It's uncomfortable to watch, but it shows what it looks like.

It would be best to take your cat to the vet to have them determine why the cat is having the coughing attacks. Asthma is ongoing....but with medication can be kept under control.
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Sounds like Asthma to me, even our precious furbabies can suffer with it! If there is wheezing alongside the coughing fits, it is best to get your kitty to the vet...if that is the case then they will give you something to keep it under control.

Hope this helps!
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Wow! Thank you very much for that YouTube link and advice. That is exactly what I have a video of my cat doing when he coughs. Very scary to see & it just began out of nowhere.

I am taking him to the vet today to get him whatever treatment he needs. Thank you again!!
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Your welcome!

Hope he gets better very soon
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I wanted to give a quick update by way of saying thank you on how our boy is doing. Also to ask for a little advice...

He was diagnosed with severe feline asthma and is taking Prednisone twice a day on a 'weaning off' schedule, we also have a albuterol bronchodialator for when he has attacks.

I am interested in 'asthma' proofing our home as much as possible and any advice would be much appreciated. We live in a large old home and unfortunately not much can be done with the heating system, but below are some actions we are taking to improve his comfort level..

We do not use hair spray, cologne, perfume, aerosol or smoke so these are not issues.

We are changing to low dust cat litter and have looked around the home for mold/mildew (all clear!). We also use organic cleaning products.

Would mild scented candles be a problem?

Thank you! Have a great week
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I would try another vet who actually gives a hoot!
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Lilly has occasional asthma. It usually happens when we have the windows open. I've not noticed that she is affected by candles or scents, but my vet says that some cats are. Maybe hold off on burning candles, fireplace, etc. until you get your baby's asthma under control.
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Suggestions for allergy proofing your house:

Wood or tile floors are much better than carpet. If you have carpet, vacuum at least every other day with a bagless vac.
Blinds and shades are better than drapes/curtains. Clean weekly.
No areosoles of any kind is best. I use hairspray in the garage on the way to my car in the morning. And I react to Comet tub cleaning powder - I switched to gel stuff.
Candles aren't good. Did you know that you can look at the ceiling of a home and tell if the residents burn candles very often? It really discolors the ceiling.
I'm not convinced that the people who clean the ducts do a good job - I think the last company were worthless.
I have a Hepa filter on the heat/AC system. It makes a huge difference in the amount of dusting I have to do. I can actually tell when the filter needs to be changed.

Prednisone and albuterol both increase the heart rate, which can tire one out very quickly. Prednisone also increases appetite (good, they need the calories) and blood sugar. Mix some extra water into their food too.

Good luck! And thanks for being a good meowmy.
Is the albuterol liquid?
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If you need to know anything about Asthma I can help. I know alot about it.You need to be careful if your Cat gets a Cold. When Coco does her Asthma gets so bad she has to get a Pred Shot. I also have some Pred Pills if it acts up. We use Yesterday Mews unscented for Coco. She is Allergic to alot of Food too and has alot Allergies true.scents make her sick.some Meds. she is almost 16 and has had Asthma for years. I have it too and I notice hers acts up alot of times when mine does. Pollen makes her sick too. Would you want to talk about your Cats Asthma? Make sure you change the folters all the time for the Heater or A/C if yo have one.
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