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But Bruuuuuuuuuuce, its got free shipping!
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It is way too much money, not my taste
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Well it doesn't have a cup holder so you would have to spend some more money on a nice coordinating table!! Plus leather too hot in summer too cold in winter I don't care if its Italian leather so not.
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Only one I agree with is the price - I think its kinda cool looking - but not for that much money
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With the matching stool
is a lot cheeper and quite lounge-a-rific!
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Oh my goodness......that price....that look...... I'd rather buy a recliner!!!
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I personally think it looks neat, however, i would NEVER pay that much for it. . I would never pay one eighth of that price. . . .

have her add it to the when we get rich list . . .
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Yep, that sure is one ugly chair, I don't care how comfortable they say it is. No matter what color they offer-still ugly. And for the price? Most definitely ugly!!!
Unless you have an ultra modern home decor, this chair will be an eyesore for years to come. I can't picture it in the average American livingroom, & I definitely wouldn't want it in mine.
Yuck! Put your foot down & say no way, I'm not going to come home & look at this ugly thing in my house!
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I guess I'm the odd one out, I kinda like it. If I had a loft and some modern furniture, it could be great. And honestly, considering what I paid for the living room chairs 18 months ago, the price isn't that bad. The catch for me is that I am a tall person (long torso, shorter legs) and the odds of it fitting me correctly are slim. I would have to sit in it first.

I love the Poang chair and ottoman. We bought one for our daughter's apt. and she loves it. In fact, we bought her all of the bedroom room, dining room and livingroom (except the sofa) furniture from IKEA.
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Originally Posted by Whisky'sDad View Post
Le Corbusier Chaise Longue has been dubbed the ultimate "relaxing machine" by Le Corbusier himself.

Ummm, of course the designer would say that! DUH!!

For that price it better give me a massage while I'm laying there...

Actually, I saw a few chairs this weekend that would give you a massage, for about the same price (or less!)
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Looks very uncomfortable and the price ouch!
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lol well she got it(not with any of my money)
but said fine since i hated it she would take it to her office.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
lol well she got it
Was there ever any doubt that she would?
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Tell her have cats.

That's my reasoning when mom wants to buy ugly things "No, we have cats". Doesn't matter what it is, my answer is "No, we have cats".
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