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What breed is this cat?

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This is one of the strays in my yard, he is a VERY large neutered male. He was abandoned with his sister who was smaller than him and all black, but looked very similar to him. So it's slightly possible he is a purebreed being he was living inside.

But I cant figure out for the life of me what breed he is? He has traits of a few breeds (like norwegian forest cat and maine coon): extra large mane,likes to play, likes people, has extra thick fur that is water proof,loves the cold, eats like a pig, likes to dip his paws in water, and has HUGE paws with fur in between. I cant see any tufts on top of his ears, but both of the breeds I listed dont always have tufts, so I still think he COULD be one of them.

What you see is pure muscle, he is not overweight and he outsizes the largest male DSH tomcat around here. I tripped over him accidently and he just didnt move a muscle, lol.

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A black and white DLH - no particular breed comes to mind....what a gorgeous coat! Of course, since he's an American cat...maybe some of the original Maine Coon (American Long Hair) in there but the muzzle and tail doesn't quite fit....
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What about Norwegian Forest Cat? Could he be a maine coon- norwegian forest cat mix? He was someones pet who was dumped, mabye him and his sister were breeder cats who possibly didnt fit the breed perfectly and were then abandoned?

I know someone with a b+w DLH male and his mane and body size are much smaller than my cat, not to mention his body is longer than this guy. I just cant see them being the same breed?
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Just to compare here's my neighbors b+w DLH male. By the way my neighbors cat has never mated he is fixed.

You can see his mane is much,much smaller and his body is long. Not to mention his eyes are rounder, where my cats are more oval. He also has a smaller nose and bigger cheeks.

My neighbors cat has a good appetite and excersises so he has strong muscles, but he is smaller than my stray by a few pounds at least.

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The head is triangular enough for a Norwegian but again the tail and eyes don't fit. As for size, yes Norwegians are smaller than Coons BUT I have seen small Coons! Ruffs are difficult to compare. Some Maine Coons are what is called "tight coated" which means they don't really have that long a coat nor that big a ruff. Tight coated coons still have that awesome plumey tail though!
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He's amazing. I can't put him in a box as far as breeds are concerned; but he looks gorgeous. How much does he weigh, exactly? And get a load of those whiskers--bright white, lovely contrast! You tell him he's a beautiful boy for me, OK?

Just throwing this out there: That fur looks a bit Persian to me--long, dense, plush-looking. Nothing else about him says that, though.
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He will be a DLH, and doens't have to have a certain breed in him to be such a large cat, moggies come in all shapes and sizes, and males tend to be bigger (I think I have only fostered one male cat that was very small, I had larger females!!). Very nice markings though.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
He's amazing.
Just throwing this out there: That fur looks a bit Persian to me--long, dense, plush-looking. Nothing else about him says that, though.
I was thinking that about his coat as well. But of course, being a stray it is hard to tell what breeds he comes from. He's a gorgeous, multibreed, long haired stray that I'd keep in an instant!
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There have been instances of "percoons" - oops matings between Persians and Maine Coons....that may account for his coat and size....

An example can be seen here....

He's a huge cat, almost as big as a Maine Coon and just as heavy! However, his coat is more Persian like than Maine Coon.
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Whatever he is -- he is gorgeous and very regal and confident. I guess size does matter!!!!

He looks to be in great shape. Do you think he's really a stray or a pet that comes into your yard?
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He was abandoned, meaning I witnessed him and his sister being dumped on my block during the night, but I was inside my house and couldnt make out the car or license plate so I couldnt report it.

So he could be any sort of breed I guess if he was owned? Him and his sister were scanned for microchips but nothing came up.

His sister looked like him but smaller and was all black. She was adopted but we never found out her breed only that she was adopted within 2 days of being up for adoption. And nobody put up any missing cat flyers, so whoever dumped them didnt care what happens to them.

And they were both very skinny when I first saw them to the point I could feel there ribs under all that fur, he has bulked up alot since then!

I havent been able to weigh him, but in the carrier he was VERY heavy and the carrier nobs holding the 2 ends together started to bend, so he must be quite heavy.

I do agree he is quite spectacular but I do wish I knew where he came from so I can find the person who did this. He's homeless know because of this but he's hard to place for adoption i've been told because of behavior issues.
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I would just call him a DLH. He is sooooo pretty though!!!!
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He looks a lot like that Persian/Coon cross in the above picture, though, except for the fur color! I mean, of course, he's a moggy because he isn't any breed completely; but I wouldn't rule out a purebred parent or grandparent. That fur... Wow!

Does he get mats? If so, he probably needs an indoor home. If not, maybe he could become a barn cat? How bad are those behavior problems, anyway?
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His belly fur is curled and matted but not very bad he grooms himself very well, but he doesnt like his belly brushed by me the rest I can brush though.

How bad are those behavior problems, anyway?
Good question!

Well for behavior, good shelters and rescues by me are picky about who they accept, so for them he isnt a candidate, BUT for an ordinary person adopting him he would do just fine.

He likes to be brushed and play, he likes people but if he doesnt know you he'll have to see you a few times before he will come up to let you pet him.

His only big issues is if you go to pet him sometimes he'll think your hand is a toy and scratch you and being he's big it hurts, but he rolls around in the grass after, so I think he's playing.

And he goes after smaller cats, but again it looks like play and being he's so big smaller cats are afraid and run away. He got along just fine with his sister (who was his size range)when she was here so the play issue must be size related. It was sad to seperate them but she was really good for adoption and did get a home so leaving her outside would have been wrong IMO.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
He looks a lot like that Persian/Coon cross in the above picture, though, except for the fur color!
The Persian/Coon cross IS a moggy! Just so happens that in this instance we just know who the parents are that's all!
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Still if he is, a persian/coon cross isnt very common, and both of those breeds are very popular.

Too bad this special cat doesnt have a special home, makes me sad especially now that I got him fixed in an effort for him to become more friendly, and it has worked.
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Given that you are on Long Island (near New England), he is probably just from the same basic stock that the Maine Coon was developed from (big shaggy farmcat stock).
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If you are trying to find a home for him - try posting some photos and a description on PetFinder.
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post

What I see is a beautiful boy!!!
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I think he is just gorgeous, and am sure you will find the perfect home for him. I wish I wasn't so far away because would love to have him!
Normally I am opposed to pinning a breed on a cat to encourage adoption simply because they usually look NOTHING like the claimed breed, but in this case I think calling him a Persian X Maine Coon would be okay since he does very much resemble that cross. Have you tried putting an add on petfinder? Why can't you keep him?
Good luck with finding a home for this gorgeous boy!
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I already own 2 cats of my own, and that is my limit (my parents rule)

So I cant adopt any more cats, even the really friendly ones.

I'm too nervous to post anything on petfinder, or any other adoption site for that matter.

I did once find a Maine Coon purebred or mix rescue, and contacted them because they have rescue members living in most states. But they mentioned flying the rescued cats all at once to 1 state, there rescue facility. They never contacted me back after I asked how they safely get all the cats on a plane?

I really cant see how the person on the other end lives, who knows how to tell if a person is truly good, or acts nice but could be a bad person looking for potential labratory cats? Plus I cant travel to drive the cat to anyone.

I really dont know how he will get a home if nobody I know will adopt him, and no shelter will take him?
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Well with Petfinder, you can meet the people and/or check out the home if close enough. Or you can put an ad in the newspaper/community boards where you live.
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exactly, you have a much better chance of knowing he's going to a good home by vetting the home yourself! you can always say 'no' to anyone you get a bad vibe from. i would definitely ask for vet references, ask to meet the other pets if there are any, and do a home check if at all possible. call the gorgeous boy a Persian x Maine Coon and i'm sure someone in your area will happily take him in. this gorgeous boy deserves to have a loving indoor home!
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