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Monday DT

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How is everyone - snow day!
Here, its just about 1/4 inch of ice all over everything, Jake is supposed to go to school but where we are, theres too much ice which makes it unsafe to drive to school and besides the car is covered totally in ice which would make it difficult to get off - we had a lot of trouble getting it off last night!
Peedoodle seems to be missing Penka - he has been sleeping in her favourite spots, now I feel guilty - she used to sleep under the blankets in the spare bedroom and yesterday we couldnt find peedoodle and finally found him under the blanket, right on the spot where Penka slept. Awww maybe they had one of those relationships that are hard to understand!
Oh, Happy Presidents Day!
I am looking forward to Joe Millionaire tonight - they better announce who he picks - if they drag this on for another week, I am going to be royally p...... off.
Looks like I am stuck home all day so I will find something to do.

Have a great day!
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I am so tired! My hubby now has the sinus and chest infection that I had last week. He was snoring so loadly last night that I got no sleep. I even tried the downstairs bedroom and I still had walls rattling!

Tonight is girls night out. We are doing dinner and a movie. Dinner is at the Pickle Barrel and I am not sure what movie we will se yet. I want to see Daredevil or Chicago and the other people I am going with want a comedy like How to lose a guy in 10 days. I want to see Ben Affleck in a rubber suit!

How was everyone's weekend? I had to listen to the hubby be a baby with his illness all weekend? Ack - I am so glad I am not going to see the sickie until late tonight - he is being a whiney baby!

Kellye - poor baby misses his friend - don't worry - he will adjust!
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aw. that's really sweet that peedoodle misses penka.

i am on a painting spree again. this time it is the bathroom cbinet and the hallway/foyer and touching up the trim in the rooms we already painted. yay! after that i am tempted to pull up the carpet in the dining room to see what the wood is like underneath. my husband swears it is rosewood, but i'm a little skeptical. the people before us had dogs in the house and apparently drank a lot of red koolaid because there are red (pinkish) spots on the carpet and spots where they must have tried to use bleach to clean out stains. i love playing handyman (woman-whatever), so i guess the house is a good fit for me. except the roof. no way am i tackling the new roof.

i am babbling today i guess. not really focusing on work very well.

we missed the big snow/ice storm. hope everyone who got it is safe and warm!
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Originally posted by Auburn412
i am babbling today i guess. not really focusing on work very well.
Let me echo that Jan I feel so relieved! Hubby's parents are finally back from South America and they've been keeping Ron with them most of the day (they live next door). Not only did I have time to work all day long I actually managed to get some sleep (shhhh... don't tell anyone!)

Kellye -give little Penka an extra hug for me! Nothing like lots of TLC to cure a longing heart...

Ady - men can be such babies when they're sick! There were days along this month when hubby wasn't feeling well that it felt like taking care of two babies (sometimes Ron seemed easier - though I never had to change hubby's diapers thank God! )

And what's President's Day? My calendar says it's George Washington's birthday today. I guess this is it? The only other important thing I can see today is Laurie's birthday but I think she isn't president of her company just yet... :tounge2:

I'd better quit babbling for a while and try to focus on my work. God knows I have plenty of that and so does hissy
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another Monday...... another work week!!!


Meet Jack!

He is full of energy!

I had to kitty proof my house again!!

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Hy everyone. Can't believe the snow some people are getting out on the east coast of the US! We're just cloudy and overcast here, but temps in the 60s.

Today is a holiday for me, and then starting tomorrow I am only part-time!!!! Woohoo!! Two days a week in the office, 3 days at home with Pepper and Bella! I can't wait. We're looking at a house to rent down in Monterey, CA tomorrow and hopefully it will finally be "the one" as we have to be out of our current place by the first. Less than two weeks and we'll be homeless unless we find something.

I'm going to be baking dog treats this afternoon, and going to sell some old clothes at the fancy thrift store. Then taking lots of stuff over to Goodwill.

Have a good day everyone!
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Anne, our government, in its infinite idiocy, combined Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays into Presidents' Day, to give government employees a Monday holiday.

I'm not doing anything, today. Bill wants to throw a steak on the grill, tonight.

Tomorrow is Bill's birthday and he still hasn't told me where he wants to go for dinner. I hope that he likes the shirt that I got him. Rowdy does - she dived into the gift bag with it.

Have a good one.
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Hi everyone!

Kellye - Poor Peedoodle... give him some extra loves, and then a couple of scritches from me, OK?

Ady - glad you're feeling better. Meanie! You don't have to share EVERYTHING with hubby!

Jan - have fun painting. Glad the storm passed you by.

Anne - my thoughts and prayers still with your family! Glad you're catching up on sleep. We need some warmer weather to do that (we have to keep getting up to run water so the pipes don't freeze.)

Lizza - HE IS TOO CUTE! We're all jealous. Hope you're happy!

Sunni Jean - Congrats on the part-time job. Hope you find a place you like real soon!

Cindy - Just tell Bill it's got the Rowdy Seal of Approval.

Enjoy your evenings!

I get to have chocolate cake tonight! I'm 40! (Thanks for all the Happies - I enjoyed my party! )
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I've been jumping at work today. That's why I've been on the site, but haven't posted much at all.

I am so tired today, but now I feel bad even mentioning it with Laurie having to get up every half hour and Ady with a sick baby, er, I mean hubby! These guys who live downstairs from us, probably not more than 21-22 years old, apparently don't have to work on Modays and neither do their friends. I was up half the night because they were screaming downstairs. I'm assuming they were all drunk and don't know how loud they are. There have been enough complaints that they didn't have their music blasting last night, but still managed to wake me up many times. They had a party a couple Sunday's ago that kept us up almost all night, too. If/when they have another one with the music (I know the warnings from the apartment management won't keep them quiet for long....they haven't done it before now!), I will be calling the police. Found out the noise ordinance is for 10:00, after that I can complain. I understand being young and having friends over, but these guys can't have their music at a reasonable level. The bass vibrates my floor, and I have asked them personally to turn down their subwoofer. That lasted about a week, then it was right back up again.

Hope everyone had a great day!!
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Hi everyone....

It's late, I know...... it's been a long day and I haven't had much 'play time'. I hope everyone has a great evening.

Good night all and I'll try to check in more tomorrow. I haven't even had the chance to do much reading here and I don't like that.

Tomorrow will be a better day.
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