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Great news, you must be so pleased it is all over. Now take it easy, and think of the lack of taste-buds as an opportunity, not a problem!
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I am so happy for you that you are home! Just remember, like your mom always told ya (at least my mom did), rest is the best medicine. I read a study recently that pointed out the benefits of sleep and just rest in general for patients in the ICU. They actually stated that patients should not be disturbed throughout the night (not gonna happen in the ICU) because they heal better. Pain is also the best reminder not to overdue it (not that I want to see you in pain)- and the pain is a good reminder to follow sternal precautions!
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Congratulations on such a successful surgery and swift recovery!! And very BIG WELCOME HOME!! It's great to have you back
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Welcome home babe! Let your body heal and relax. Just take your time!

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Sarah I'm so glad you are home and must be such a relief to you that the operation went better than expected and you can rest easy knowing everything is okay. It must be nice to be home and snuggling with the girls
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Good to hear you are safe and doing well after the surgery, enjoy the rest and have a nap, its ok
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Wow!!! Its good to read that you are home already!!
Surgery went well and recovery hopefully will go well too.
When are you able to start an exercise program??
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
ust think, you are not going to be awakened at 6am by a techie with a needle to take your blood...
4:30am... They come at 4:30am to take your blood. I was awake at 4:30am this morning grinning to myself about how lovely and quiet it was.
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I am so glad you're home. enjoy your kitties and get lots of rest
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WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! You're home! That must feel so good to sleep in your own bed with your kitties around you!

I'm amazed that you've recovered enough to be allowed home so quickly - what great determination and what a fantastic attitude you must have to have done so.

As others have said, take it easy and get plenty of rest. YAY for no more 4.30 am blood calls - that's just cruel.
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Welcome home Sarah!~ You must feel so releived to be home after all that
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Sarah, I'm so glad you are home!! It's the perfect place to recover!
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Welcome back to TCS my friend!
for a soon Recovery my friend!...
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I'm so glad that you are doing so well.I can imagine how good it feels to be at home now.I am adding my that way for continued health.
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