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Kitties snuggling with each other

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There's not much cuter than kitties snuggling (unless it's kitties playing, kitties sleeping, kittens, kitties snuggling with their people..... )

Spooky on the left, Lazlo on the right:

Shelly in front, Lazlo in back, Munchkin on top:

Spooky in back, Shelly in front:

Munchkin on the left, Lazlo on the right - look at that smile! :

More pictures of kitties snuggling with each other please!

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aww! such sweet picture's
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Aaaaw! How sweet!! I'm definitely going to have to upload some of my old photos to photobucket!! I know I have a few snuggly pictures!
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Yeah - when we lived in the RV, they all snuggled all the time. Now that we live in the house? They'll barely share the same space. But I love looking back at the snuggle-bug days.

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I have soooo many snuggling pictures! Here are a few:

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those pictures are soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! They make my heart melt!!!
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I snuggly kittys!!!! I will go thru and see what I have to share!
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I so needed this thread right now. You really need to add a cuteness warning in bold letters!!

Muddy, Koko, Jake and Elwood

Spanky, Oscar and Billy:

Spanky, Muddy and Sam:

And tomorrow, when my DH teaches me how to upload pictures from the new camera, I got a great shot of my not-so-feral-anymore Lucky snuggled in with Sam (our red dog).
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OMG I LOVE that pic with Muddy, Koko, Jake & Elwood!

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Luvbug and Lil' Jag

Kuce and Lil' Jag

All 3

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Heres my kids

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I love to see cats snuggling, I think it is so sweet. Unfortunately mine don't do that. Alice is a cuddler. She is always cuddling with me when I am laying down but Patches just isn't a cuddler. They get along though and they play together. I keep waiting for Patches to decide he wants to cuddle. They are still young maybe someday.
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Here's a few of mine

My favourite, they usually sleep like this but never when I have the camera
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I looooooove looking at snuggly kitties!
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Everyones snuggly bugs are so cute! Hard to resist snuggling kitties! :

Photo 1: Snowball & Shilo Snuggling Photo 2: Snowball Snuggling with Sadee & Shilo
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Here's my sweet littermates, Claire and Peter, snuggling.

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These pics are precious
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Heres my kids
Jack's sure made himself at home hasn't he He's adorable.
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My kitties don't snuggle with each other very much, these are the few pictures I have.

Milo and Zebra.

This one is kind of fuzzy.

This is my other cat (orange one) who I don't get many pictures of snuggling with his sister (who we don't have).
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Mine don't snuggle... EVER!

I still every time I see how Jack sprawls out over Rosie. What a ham!
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the newest 'snuggly' pair in my house...

here's Pixel & Cable

& Pixel & Mouse

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Loads of lovely snuggly pictures.

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Shelly and our foster, Munchkin:

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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Jack's sure made himself at home hasn't he He's adorable.
A typical man who takes up all the room
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I like this thread so much, it's such a good idea! I really gotta snap a more recent picture of my cats snuggling, the only one I have they were younger and I might have posted it here already a few times!
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Sorry it is so dark, but that was aout 6 years ago. Shasta- the black cat and my RB girl Cleo!
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I may have to dig out some pictures of my babies when they were kittens, they used to snuggle all the time back then, not so much now! They prefer to sleep by themselves or on someone's lap.
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Awwwwww.....such adorable pics of everyone's kitties snuggling. I wish I had some to share. My cats don't know the meaning of that word.
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not sure if shinobi is snuggling up to milo or giving him a massage!
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Here are a couple of mine...

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