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Proof that men hog the bed

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I have seen several posts on here that us men hog the bed. Well, here is proof. Persi the male is hogging the couch they sleep on during the day. Poor little Shelby is squished in this picture but she loves Persi so much that she is not complaining.

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That is toooooo funny! And so sweet!

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Oh, I thought you meant the hooman men! My BF definitely hogs the bed... sleeps in the middle in a jacknife position!
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is very true though that
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Typical male!! That little girl has the sweetest little face...and her big brother is gorgeous!!
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That is so cute!
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Oh my goodness, how funny is that! Her little face says "I can't breath dad!!"

It's true though you men do hog the bed, even Jack does with the girls
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They do! I sleep in a queen by myself (well, not counting Shaggy dog) and I have to squish into a little ball because he sleep smack in the middle spead across it. That's a completely darling picture, though! Shelby certainly looks like she loves Persi
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That does need a cuteness warning! Wellington pushes Biscotte to the edge of the bed or sofa too, and she puts up with it because she loves him. It is great to see friendships like that.
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That's too cute!
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