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PAWS needs help... ideas and suggestions

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Last week I visited PAWS.
It's an animal shelter that relies purely on donations.

It is in an APPALING state!!
The space is badly used.
There is SO much space but it is used ineffectively.
The kennels and the cattery are in a shambles!!
There are empty bags of catfood everywhere!

I estimate it will need at least $100,000 to renovate, refurbish and revamp it.

Now I have no experience doing fund-raising...
Nor do I have any experience running an animal shelter...

So I have some very important questions:
1) How can I raise funds?

2) How does a shelter that depends on charity funds become more financially independant?

3) Does anyone have any kennel/cattery plans that they can send us?
you can email me at suraya_putra@time.net.my

4) Does anyone have any ideas on how we can improve it's operations?

5) How do we approach big companies for sponsorship?
What sort of companies can we approach and what can we ask them


Please bare in mind that PAWS needs a COMPLETE overhaul.
Everything needs to be changed.
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where are you located?

Is this shelter a 501(c)3 non-profit organization? If so, talk to major corporations in your area that offer matching funds on donations made by their employees.

Some corporations have a week every year when they promote volunteerism and monetary donations. See if you can be included. My company has a little 'volunteer fair' and organizations come in with brochures and stuff to give to employees.

Some of the non-profits here do vaccination clinics to raise money and encourage responsible ownership! You can probably think of other services too that can be done for a small fee.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
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I'm actually in malaysia.

PAWS is entirely non-profit.

It's unfortunate that animal rights are not a priority here, so, public concern over the state of affairs at PAWS is minimal to say the least.
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