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new kitten for our cat

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Four weeks ago we got a new 12 week old female kitten (India) as a companion for our 2.5 year old fixed-male cat (Ptah). For the first 2 weeks we kept them in different rooms, swapping sleeping blankets to help them (mostly Ptah) become use to each other's scent. They quickly began pawing through the opening under the door and we began to have supervised visits.

Ptah is (and has always been) very timid and was at first EXTREMELY frightened by India (who is fearless and is a bundle of energy). Slowly Ptah became use to India being around, but only watched her as she played. India has tried a few times to rub up on him but he wants nothing to do with her.

Lately, however, Ptah has been acting, what appears to us, as more aggressive. He hovers over her, batting her with his paw (claws retracted we think) and biting her on her neck. One time he began to wrestle with her and bite and kick with his back feet. India yelped and Ptah did not release until we separated them and then india ran and hid.

IS THIS NORMAL???? Are the playing or fighting? Ptah is about 3 times her size and may not know his own strength. Any suggestions on what we can do? We continue to keep them in separate rooms but would like to let them out with each other.

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I think you are having a battle over dominance, give it some time and just keep a watchful eye over both of them so nobody gets hurt. I'm sure he will come around eventually, he's liking the fact that she is afraid of him, I'm sure. I've been really lucky with introducing cats, I haven't had much of any problems at all, but I'm sure my day will come!
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We're doing the same thing at our house. Isn't it fun? <G> My kitten is less then 2 months old, my big cat barely 2 years. Mister Sosa has not welcomed his new baby brother. He growls, refuses to stay in the same room and slaps Mac around. Mac could care less! He keeps coming back for more. Just yesterday though, things started to turn around. Mister Sosa stretched out on the floor and let Mac play with his tail. They both stayed in the house together today (we had been confining Mac to one room away from Mister) and survived. Mac has been with us 19 days. Don't give up. They will soon be getting along as if they have been together forever.

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Yeah, thats what it sounds like. They are just establishing rolls. It will sound funny, but you WILL know if they are really fighting. Let them do this for ahwile and things should settle. Heck, they may even decide they are inseperable.
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