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idk whats wrong with my cat...

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well it all started 2 year ago, when he couldn't urinate. So we took him to are friend whos a Vet and he treated him. I think he did this whole process where he put my cat to sleep so he can take out his pee that was inside of him. I remember he told me he took out a lot of pee that was inside of him. So in Dec 07 he starts getting the same problem. He had trouble urinating. We took him to out friend again and he took him an X-ray to see if he had those "balls of crystal" that were preventing him from peeing. He didnt have them but he did notice he had a lot of poop inside. So I left him there so he can observe him to see if he urinated and nope. So he did what he did last time, taking out the pee with some gadget they use. After that he stayed at the vet for 3 days and our friend said that he started to pee and a lot. When we went to pick him up he said that the problem might be that he cant poop since the x-ray showed he had a lot of poop inside of him. He told us to give him olive oil so he can poop and gave us some antibiotics that help him with the problem of not being able to urinate. We took him home, the first thing he did was pee so we thought the problem was fixed. Then 2 days later he started to poop, and he still does. So we thought both problems were fixed. 2 days later we see him struggling to pee. I caught him trying to pee on the carpet, bes sheet, and a sweater (he pee a bit and it was orange). he has no trouble pooping though. idk what the problem is since he didnt have crystals that prevented him from urinating.??????
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Sounds like he needs a LOT more water, first of all, if his pee is dark orange and he gets constipated regularly.

What foods are you feeding him?

Is it possible to take him to a DIFFERENT vet that can actually help you diagnose the problem? It sounds like he may have a urethral problem, but I'm no vet, so I can only make guesses.
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well he only pee orange once, and it wasnt dark but it could be blood.

we have been feeding him some Wet Foood (can) that our vet gave us but he hardly eats it. He only eats dry food. Sometimes he doesnt even touch his wet food so i been giving him a little bit of dry food.

30mins ago he tried peeing but didnt succeed so i gaved him some wet food and this time he actually was eating it.

i think he probably does have a urethral problem, how is this problem treated?

idk but he always sleeps with me and yesterday he didnt. hes been avoiding us.
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I think it may be a time for a second opinion from your vet, are you in the US? if you are go along to petsmart they often have a banfields vet practice and they can tell you when they have there cheap clinic days, start from scratch with a vet and see what they can come up with.

mean while make sure there is fresh water available and maybe try a different wet food, maybe an extra stinky one to entice him to eat it with all that moisture.

I hpe he feels better soon
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I checked Pet Smart they are 20 miles away from my house. I called my vet and he was busy at the moment but hes going to return my call tonight.

My cat is just resting in my bed. He tried to pee on some little carpet but couldnt and then he started licking himself down there.

but if he didnt have crystals balls that prevented him from peeing, why cant he urinated?
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my cat pee was able to pee in the carpet. Though it still seems he wants to pee more. So if my cat didnt have any crystals then what can it be? do these things form in a week?
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