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Beauty keeps scratching her neck. I've had a look but I can't find anything wrong with it.

We'll be taking her to the vets (hopefully) next month but I don't know what to do until then.

We've checked her for fleas and didn't find any. She's up to date with her flea treatment so it isn't that.

She has skin cream (which I've stopped putting on her to see if that makes a difference) and ear drops (which I've stopped putting in for the same reason)

Can anyone help? What else will it be advisable to do before she goes to the vets?

(She's got to go anyway to have her claws trimmed)

The scratching is imtermittent. Sometimes she doesn't scratch it more than is normal, but other times she'll be scratching it raw.

It's the length of time she spends scratching it that worries me!
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Does she have a collar? Maybe something about it is bothering her?
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You did check with a flea comb, right? Because sometimes if there's just a couple of fleas, you can't tell unless you use a flea comb and see flea dirt.

Some cats are allergic to various types of materials. If there's irritation all around the collar area, that's probably it.
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