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Dirty Chin

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Bobbi has for some time now... had this black stuff stuck under her chin.
They start at the root of the hair and seem to wrap around a few hairs at once. If you rub her chin they come loose.
It's not very noticeable.
It doesn't seem to bother her.
It doesn't smell.
It's quite distressing for as no matter how much we try to clean it all out it won't come out.
And if they do come out they usually take a few hairs out as well.

We're going to give it one last go tomorrow when she has her bath and give her a real good rub under the chin...

But what on earth could it be??

She's scheduled for a spay on Friday so we'll get her checked by the vet then... But does any one know what it might be?
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It's just feline Acne. There's lots of stuff you can do to take care of it. The first thing, is to see about switching feeding bowls if you are using plastic. Stainless steel or ceramic bowls usually help.
As far as getting rid of it, you can wash it with some soap and water, use Benzoyle Peroxide, or you can get some Pyoben gel from your vet to take care of it. If it's a chronic problem, usually washing the area once a week keeps it at bay.
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Tiger has this too, and it doesn't seem to bother him.
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My hooda use to get bad acne. I feed her dry kibble and would just keep refilling the same dish, i would change it every few days. Now i give her a fresh dish morning and nite and she hasent had a zit for months.
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Reguardless of what type of bowl you use, you should also wash it with soap and warm watever ever time before a feeding. This will also help cut down on the acne.
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My cat gets acne occasionally, the vet gave me some shampoo to use on his chin. From memory, it's called Malaseb. I washed his chin twice a day for 2 weeks, it fixed it up no problem.

Here's some links to Feline Acne sites.

Feline Acne Links

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Oh ... Malaseb...
We have a bottle of that so i guess we can use that...
We never thought to use it on bobbi because we got it for a fungal infection the tail of one of our other cats.
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Great information, thanks to all! Harry has this right now tooand I didn't know what it was -- this information will help me start to take care of it until his vet appt. Especially interesting about the plastic vs. stainless steel bowls, because I recently changed Harry's bowl to a plastic model and now he has acne! You learn so much here ...
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