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You wont believe what I just found!!....

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So just a min ago I went to walk across the house to my moms room.. and I have a habit of stopping by the back door ((which is on the way)) just to look into the backyard.. idk why its just something ive done since we moved into this house. So im looking and its pretty windy outside so leaves are blowing everywhere and I noticed a lil bird hopping around the neighbors yard so I watch it for a moment and its just casually hopping around then starts heading for my yard. So I wait a min longer to see if itll get close enough for me to get my camera and take pics. Well it did get close enough.. it came all the way up to the stairs at my back door!
So I open the door and it didnt fly away... so im thinkin somethins up now. I grab the dish towel and I go up to it and it doesnt move, it just sits there looking around so I put the towel over it and it didnt make a fuss. I pick it up and bring it inside to show my mom but shes sleeping so I brought it into my room to have a look at it.

Its perfectly alert and I also learned thats its well capable of flying... but his only issue is his eyes. Idk whats up with them but it cant seem to open them ((thats the only injury I can find on him)), Im ganna go on my bird forum and ask some questions in a lil bit.
He looks like an Adult male ((female)) House Finch to me... hes a pretty lil thing. He doesnt seem to be sick or show any signs of sickness, hes really alert and pretty strong too. Ive rescued and hand raised wild Birds before encase your wondering so dont worry I know what im doing.
Although the nearest Bird Rehabilitation Center is an Hour away... im not sure when I can get him there. Im ganna hold on to him for the night ((if not longer)) and contact the Rehab. Center to see if they'll take him and what to do till I can get him there.
Here are some pics I just took of him...

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Aww.. he or she is cute. I hope the little guy feels better soon.

Be sure to keep it away from pet birds if you have any (not even in the same room).
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Yea im aware of Keeping him away from Petra my 'Tiel... Petras Currently staying in the Living room and the lil guys and a Small Animal Carrier in my room. ((I dont wanna pull out my old Parakeet cage till I know how long he'll be staying, I dont want to go into the Basement if I dont have too ))
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Thats good. Just had to make sure. Maybe you could try getting a Q-tip wet with warm water and rubbing his eyes with it gently. Good luck with the little guy ... I hope the rehab will take him.
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Thanx, I think im ganna try the Q-Tip thing you said. I cant call the Rehab. Center till my mom wakes up so I can talk to her about it.
He seems to have a lot of Energy... Im shocked that hes not sick and even survived... im not sure how long his eyes have been like that but it looks like a while, Oh and there is no substance on his eyes at all ((Pus ect.)).
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What a pretty little birdie!! Hope its ok!!
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Ok the lil Guy can see!! I did the Q-Tip thing and it worked and at one point he even started sucking the water off the Q-Tip!
I got one eye open completely but the other eye wont open completely... it looks as if the eyelid never fully developed, but I could be wrong. I'm ganna do the Q-Tip thing every couple hours.
Now that he can see he seems to be really interested in flying and way more active.
Here are a couple pics I took after I Q-Tipped his eye...
You can see his open eye here...

Hes up at the top left corner of the carrier...

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Very nice! Great job getting the one eye open!
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Lucky bird to have someone so nice as you!!

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Glad he can see now.
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What a sweet birdie! I'm glad he is ok now
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open eyes little birdie
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Lol... So I did the Q-Tip thing again and he sucked the water off it again. Hes still pretty active and is now starting to nip... which hurts! I tried giving him some of my 'Tiels Millet Seed ((Wikipedia says they like that)) but he wont eat it.. he just spits it out. If I have to keep him for more than tomorrow than im ganna see if I can get to the Pet Store to pick up some Meal Worms for him and I think ill ask the neighbor tomorrow for some Wild Bird Seed ((she has bird feeders all over her yard)).
He hasnt made any sounds yet, sux the audio on my comp doesnt work cause then id play some Natural Finch calls to him.
My mom works all night so she sleeps all day... so shes not up yet, but I suspect she will be soon so ill have to call the Rehab. Center first thing in the morning.
I think since hes wanting to fly some more ill pull the 'Keet cage out tonight.
Id release him but his eyes still close up and the one eye doesnt even open all the way so im still a lil worried, Plus id rather keep him for the night cause its freezing outside!

[[BTW thank you snostrap5!!]]
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Great job! I bet he feels better now!!
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So I woke up at 6 and he was just as energized as yesterday. His "eye" was closed up again so I took him out and Q-Tipped his eye again but this time a lil Pus was visible. Se I cleaned it and he sucked the water off the Q-Tip again ((he seems to know thats water)).
I tried to get him to eat some seeds but he wont, I took him into my moms room to her comp and played some Natural House Finch calls to him but he had no reaction... Im thinkin he may be Deaf too, Oy! Maybe thats why hes not making any sounds also ()
So the Update is I now have a Deaf One Eyed Male House Finch... lol kinda funny to hear.
My mom woke up about 7 last night and I told her the story first ((I knew she wouldnt mind I just didnt know how to tell her)) and she was like shocked that he came all the way up to the back stairs! Shes a Spiritualist so shes thinking maybe its a sign and hes guiding me... idk what to believe yet.
Shes going up to wal-mart so shes ganna stop by the pet store and pick up a container of Meal Worms and im ganna try to mush some seeds and make a soggy food and maybe forse feed him till I get the worms.
My bed has a net around it so I let him on my bed to stretch his wings and first he started pecking at my bed like he was looking for food or something. I want him to keep his wings strong so I startled him so he could fly and get his wings moving. Poor lil Birdie.
It wont be for another couple days before we can get him to the Rehab. Center... Were low on Money at the moment and dont have Gas Money. I wish I could get him there sooner but I dont have a way to.

HES EATING!!!!! so hes in his carrier on my desk and I noticed he was at the Food dish doing something.. so I watched him for a moment and he was eating the 'Tiel food I have sitting there!!! Thats great cuz now I know he'll be fine for the next couple days!! ((My moms on her way getting the Meal Worms as I type, and she might pick up some (Pet) Finch Food too.
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Your House Finch probably has avian conjuctivitis which is caused by a unique strain of bacteria - Mycoplasma gallisepticum. This disease is contageous among House Finches, American Goldfinches, Purple Finches and others. I do not know if Cockatiels can catch it. However, to be on the safe side, I would clean everything he has come in contact with with a 10% bleach solution and wash your hands with a anti-bacterial soap before handling Petra.

Ask the rehabber about the possiblity of the Cockatiels contracting it. I would still clean everything and wash all bed linens, etc. just in case.

I think it's great you are helping this little bird.
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It's male, young and either a house or purple finch. I'm glad he's eating, but you might want to try some Thistle for him. That's what we put in our finch feeder and they love it.

Sending that he's OK.
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Awww, look at the little guy You are so awesome for helping him
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Hmm idk that about Finches. I will keep that in mind.
Where can I get Thistle? Wikapidia did mention it but idk exactly what it is so I kinda put it to the side. Im waiting for the neighbor to get home so maybe she'll have some.
Hes doing great BTW! Ive got him in the 'Keet cage and hes still eating so I think he'll be ok for the next couple days.
Poor thing, I had to run somewhere a lil while ago and I was only gone for 30min tops and when I got back his eye was closed shut again.
He now knows that if he lightly nips my finger that means hes telling me he wants water... smart lil guy!
Meal Worms creep me out!!! my mom had to get the biggest ones they had too!! lol its so hard showing him he can eat the Worm when your afraid to hold the Worm!! lol I need Tweezers.
Here are some UpDate Pics...

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Awww the little guy is so lucky to have you!!!!!
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Wow, what a gorgeous little bird! He does really look like a House Finch. My mother is an avid birder, and we see a LOT of them. If it's a bacteria he might need some sort of antibiotic eyedrop to recover. Hopefully the rehab center will be able to take him. I know a lot of domestic veterinarians will not treat wild animals for legal reasons, so otherwise it might be hard to get medication to fix his eyes if he needs it.

It's so good that he's eating, though. I know that the House Finches we feed eat a wild bird mix. Maybe he wasn't eating at first because he wasn't feeling well? Or perhaps because he couldn't see his food? I don't know how important vision is to feeding for finches.
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Would he have survived if I didnt rescue him? I sure hope the Rehab. Center can help him.
He seems to only eat when ive cleaned his eye so I think his vision is needed. Hes not taking in water unless I give it to him by hand ((which he seems to like I might add)). He still hasnt made any sounds! im shocked! the last House Finch we rescued ((was back in FL during one of the hurricanes about 3yrs ago)) always made sounds... idk why he hasnt.
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I looks like he may have an illness, closing its eyes like that isnt normal im sure of that.

Finches like sunflower seeds,millet,thistle seeds, berries and insects.

I would be very worried about releasing him, is there any rescue place you can take him too? If it's a non-treatable but not fatal illness it would need to be kept in captivity.

Seeing it made it this far to an adult I think it caught an illness or got an injury mabye flew into a window.
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Ok, our lil Finch is now at the Tamarack Wildlife Rehab. Center!!! They came and picked him up Noon time today... I will miss him but they are able to give him the Medical help he needs.
Im ganna call them in a couple days to check on him... and ill update you guys when I get updates. Poor lil guy will be missed.
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Its great you helped him until they could come and get him,
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I'm glad that they came and got the little guy. You did a great job.
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I just wanted to give you an update, there is a severe eye epidemic in finches spreading in the U.S, incase you find any more like this.

I'm almost positive yours had this, it's getting really common now, which is bad!

Please visit this link, I think there is a place your supposed to report this too so they know where it is spreading.

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Good for you for taking him in! House finches love black sunflower seeds. Make sure to get just that and not the wild bird mix. They will eat thistle seeds, but like the sunflower seeds much more. Thistle seeds can be bought at Lowe's.
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Hehe... umm.. hes at the Tamarack Wild Life Rehab. now.

I havnt gotten any updates.. I havnt been able to call them but I did send an Email a couple days ago but No Response
I hope hes doing ok.

Also when the Lady came and picked him up she saw that I had a 'Tiel but she didnt seem worried that he may have caught the Conjunctivitis... so maybe it doesnt spread as easily as we thought. Petra ((my 'Tiel)) is fine BTW.

keith p:
Ive read that Article... Pretty interesting info in there.
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Glad it was informative! A friend told me about it and I remember this thread so I figured i'd make you aware of it. I do notice alot less of them here, usually they fill my bird feeders.
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