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Stormy's going to the vet  

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Stormy has an appointment on Friday with a new vet. She has been eating and seems hungry but is losing weight
Her fur is getting dull as well. She will be 12 years old at the end of next month so I am thinking it may be her thyroid (hopefully it's nothing more serious than that).

Any good vibes for her would be appreciated.

I am having to change vets because my regular vet prices just keep going up and up and I can no longer afford to go there ...I could use some good new vet vibes too.
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Awwww Diane i hope she's ok!. Lots of mega healing heading Stormys way
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Sending lots of vibes for Stormy!
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Sending lots and lots of for Stormy's health and I really do hope your new vet works out well for you...please update us when you know something!
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Sending many many healthy vibes for Stormy
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Oh...that is worrisome Diane.
Mega vibes on the way for both you and Stormy.
I will be watching for your updates.
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Many for Stormy.
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Prayers for her.
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I hope it's nothing serious, and your new vet works out for you! Many & coming your way!

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Sending lots of vibes to Stormy to get better soon and to you for a great new vet.

Hope your baby is better soon
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Thanks so much everyone. I will let you know how it goes at the vet.
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Sending you many that all goes well and the new vet works out.
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Good luck with your new vet today Diane.

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Thanks! Her appointment is at 4:00 (eastern time).

She has gotten me very worried since she whines and whines like she wants water or food but now when either is given to her, she doesn't seem to want it. She'll start eating but leave it quickly.

Her reaction to the food reminds me of my RB kitty Rosie who acted like that and was found to have tumors surrounding her organs and had to be PTS. I just hope that is not her problem....
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On no...
I can see why you are scared for Stormy.

Here are some calming vibes for you both
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I hope your cat will be ok. Yoshi is doing the same thing and has to be Pts today. He Meows for food but wont eat it at all and has lost alot of weight. Coco has the Vet at 2 for her infection but Yoshi is going and I know what she is going to say. I had a Stormy too and I lost her last month. Peayers for yours.
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Update...Stormy had to be PTS because it turned out her kidney were just to bad Her numbers were off the charts and it wouldn't have been right to let her continue on in that condition because treatment wouldn't have helped.

Thanks everyone.
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I'm so sorry for your loss - at least your Stormy was loved to the end.
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I'll close the thread so we can all help Stormy cross the bridge
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