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Question of the Day - January 9th

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How many CDs do you own? did you actually buy them or are they burned copies?

I was home from work yesterday taking care of my sick Gaia and fnally put all my CDs in my new organizer case.... I have close to 250! and that's what's left after I've twice in the past couple years gone thru my collection and weeded out ones I don't listen too, traded them in at the record exchange and sold them at my garage sale

I'd say 70% are bought, the rest are burnt
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We only have about 300. We buy our CDs. We love having the original packaging & everything.
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Several hundred...I'm not sure of the exact number though.
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I only own one CD! I just got The Eagles new CD on Friday.
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around...750 originals and 100 burned........ I WAS a compulsive buyer...
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I have no idea! But we have one of those big zip up organizers that hold 8 per page and is like 5" thick, about completley filled. But then we've got a few smaller carrying things with some in them since they are more transportable in the small one. All but maybe half a dozen of those are original cds.
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I don't own any. I used to have a ton of them but they were stolen.
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i have tons LOL! never actually sat & counted them all! they consist of originals & burnt ones, some among which i have made myself, as i have thousands of songs on my computer aswel

am terrible hehe, i adore music!
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I counted and cataloged them a couple of years ago, and I had somewhere over 350 CDs. I've bought a few since then, but mostly I've downloaded stuff from i-tunes and burned them onto CDs. I used to burn copies of my CDs for my car, so I probably have 600-ish total (1/2 original, 1/2 burned.) Now I just use my FM transmitter for my i-pod, and don't bother much with CDs for my car.
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I had a lot, but they were lost in the flood this past summer, I had them in the house & they all floated away.
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I personally probably own less than 50 CD's. Only 3 are burned CD's as gifts.
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I have a TON but I barely listen to any of them anymore!
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I only have a few and they were all purchased.
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I don't have any CDs.
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Only about a dozen really. My boyfriend has about a thousand though! Half burned.
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I have close to 1000, pretty much all 'purchased.' I do have a handful of them that are 'ripped' from borrowed copies and downloads, but compared to the purchased ones, that number in miniscule (like maybe 10 to 15)

Now, I put purchased in quotes for a reason: I worked for nine months at a Virgin Megastore, during which time i was able to get up to 5 promo CD's a week (we got paid crud wages and no benefits, so free CD's were our benefit), and i took home five nearly every week, mostly due to my varying tastes in music. My collection before starting was 350, when I left, it was 700. between the promos and my numerous purchases with discount, I doubled my stacks in less than a year (paycheck? what paycheck?).

Since then I've done small bits here and there... getting pickier and pickier. I have some gaps in genres that I'm trying to fill as well. Good jazz for example. I have a TON of classical. Also starting to build the R&B selection. Just about the only things I don't listen to are gansta rap and death metal. I'll listen to anything else... literally. I have a CD of the Gyuto Monks chanting, all the way to Metallica, Snow Patrol, The Cure, Madonna, Beethoven, Glass Tiger, Josh Groban, Barry Manilow (shut up, I love him), Gaelic Storm, and a variety of world music as well. There's also a lot in between...

And if anyone wants my Kenny G cd's (not really into him anymore, but don't have cases, just disc and booklets, so selling them would be difficult), PM me... I'll send them to you for free... yes, the originals.

My CD's are in six of those big black books, alphabetized by artist. I also have a computer program that has all the info in a database... if you want a good shareware program, Readerware is excellent (they have an Audio version and a Video version as well).

Amanda (music geek)
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I'm not sure of the exact number, but I have over 500. I have a cabinet that I designed and my dad built. It has 7 drawers to it and each drawer can hold 100 cds. I'm currently in drawer 6. Most all of my cds are purchased. I believe in supporting the artist. I don't download music and I don't own any "burned" copies of cds. The ones that I do own that are burned cds are concerts (bootlegs). Some of them were purchased and some of them I made myself (meaning I snuck my minidisc into a concert, recorded it, and then transfered it to cd).
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Hahahah TOO many!
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A TON - my husband used to be a DJ so he got a lot of them free and some that were never released to the public... but we never listen to them anymore. I have my Zune now.
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I have maybe 5. I don't really buy cd's because I usually only like one or two songs off the entire cd so I just download them or listen to them on the radio.
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
We only have about 300. We buy our CDs. We love having the original packaging & everything.
CDs are actually my vice..I buy them nonstop and on impulse. I love collecting the downloading or burning for me

I love music so makes my day when I play a cd I like.
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Haven't counted in eons, but it's several hundred easily -- maybe as many as 1000 -- and all but a handful originals. A friend of ours occasionally sends us one he has put together -- that would be the handful.
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I might have about 75 or 80 in total
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I never counted them. I know I have fewer than our daughter!
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We've got about 100 CDs - half burned CDs, half normal albums. Rob had about another 100 but someone stole them from his car a few years ago.
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I have no idea how many I have, but there's quite a few - and they're all store bought - none are burned..


Psssst - Katiemae - do you have any Sally Christmas CD's?
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