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Is it just me?

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Or has Chelsea Clinton turned into a beautiful young women? I can remember being in 7th grade when her father was elected president, and her being sightly.... awkward. She seemed to have a massive amount of hair, braces, and her body seemed to be growing in all different directions all at once. I saw a picture of her this morning, and she's just lovely.
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Chelsea Clinton definitely has grown up into a beautiful woman Hope life is going well for her...
Before & After
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My Husband and I just had this same conversation the other day.
She really has turned out to be a very attractive young woman.
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Weren't we all a little awkward in 7th grade? LOL

She has turned out nicely, and has a good combo of features from both her parents.
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I haven't seen her in forever! But I do remember her being kinda awkward, persay.
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Yup. Learning how to properly apply makeup can certainly do wonders. Have you ever seen Pamela Anderson without makeup on?

I bet Chelsea looks pretty much the same as she used to without all that goop on her face. (In the second pic, you can tell she's got a LOT of foundation on.) Just a little older, is all.
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I think she looks alot like Hillary..she is pretty
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Yes, she was rather "ugly" way back when. I noticed that she is quite pretty now. But it also looks like she might have had some plastic surgery on her nose? It appears to be a different shape IMHO.
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Yeah she was a bit awkward... but who the heck wasn't at that age?? She is very pretty. I have to say I like her hair straight rather then curly. It looks so great on her.
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I use to think she wasn't pretty fact at her height of popularity in the 90s, people often said I looked like her...I was so embarrassed. However now I definitely wouldn't mind the comment
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Or has Chelsea Clinton turned into a beautiful young women? .
it's just you
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
it's just you

You are too funny.
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It sems like when she went ot England for school, she got a makeover by someone.... I can't remember who did it. There was also some advice on what to wear. Se was smart to listen to the advice.
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