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Adopting another kitty cat,,,

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Hello, I stopped in by our vets office yesterday to pay a bill we have had there for a while because money has been real tight with Christmas and other things and I made an appointment for Missy to get checked over and I said to the girl I got Cozmo from I have been thinking lately of adopting another kitty that needs a home, she said she don't have any at the moment that need a home but someone else there does, so long story short I am going to meet the kitty tomorrow morning, she is about 3 1/2 years old, gray and white, very friendly lap kitty. Yvonne isn't real happy with me because I am thinking of getting another kitty but she will get over it. The person who has her now took her in because she needed a good home but her male cat don't get along with her, she is sad that they can't get along but she knows it would be best for the kitty to find another home with less stress for her. So unless she don't like me for some reason I will probably be adopting another kitty cat real soon. Sorry I forget her name at the moment, it is Misty or Mitsy, something like that. I will take some pictures of her if/when I get her home so you can see her.

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Wow, big step! Good luck on the meeting; I hope you hit it off!
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Hope your meeting goes good with the kitty
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
Hope your meeting goes good with the kitty
yeh, i hope so to
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Awesome!! Hope all goes well with you, and the new kitty!

AND we must see pics!!
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Well in about 1 1/2 hrs I am going to see the kitty cat, and Missy is going in to get a check up and I want to ask the vet about why she eats so much and don't gain any weight lately, I hope she don't have any kind of serious problems. Missy has always been a cat that was not close to the other cats or people, but lately she has become real close and trusting of me, she slept by my side under the blanket with her head resting on my arm for a while last night. It still amazes me that she has lived for 20 years and is still in as good of shape as she is yet. Sorry for getting off the topic a little here.

I am a little worried about how the new kitty will get along with Angel and Cozmo if I do end up bringing her home. I think Angel will be the problem more than Cozmo, but on the other hand since Panther and Rusty moved to there new home Angel is not so high strung and grumpy all the time, in fact her and Cozmo have become real close to each other, so maybe the fact the the new kitty is a girl and not a huge boy kitty like Panther and Rusty are maybe will help.

I would hate to bring her home and have her end up with the same problem she has where she has been living where another cat can't or won't get along with her. She is allowed to go outside where she has been living so I am also a little worried about her getting outside since we live in town and real close to a street with allot of traffic. But on the good side of that I have noticed that cats that have been outside allot seem to be more laid back when in the house, at least that is what I have seen with cats I have had over the years.

Sorry for rambling on about this stuff, I will let you all know how it goes and I have a feeling we will have a new kitty today.
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Hi again, I have Misty home with me, she is in the bedroom with me with the door shut so the other animals won't bother her till she gets more used to the new place, she is very scared right now. At the vets office her owner brought her in by me while they were drawing blood from Missy in another room and Misty was scared there also, but she came up to me and tried to hide in my winter coat so she wasn't afraid of me at all. After I got her home I held her for a long time talking nice and petting her but she is now hiding under the bed, I hope she don't have major problems adjusting to being here. I can understand her being scared, first being taken to a strange vets office {her last owner works there} and then put into a strange carrier and took to another new place, like I said I hope she settles down soon. Her last owner said she would take her back if there was any big problems with her and our other cats or living here. I hope it don't come to that though.

I will try and get some pictures of her when she settles down. I think she is a very pretty cat, mostly dark gray, a little on the heavy side with a nice round face and little tiny ears, just the opposite of Cozmo's long thin face with big ears.

The vet is doing blood work on Missy to compare to her last tests. Missy has lost 1/2 a lb of weight even though she eats all the time, her temp was fine, her heart beat was fast but she was also scared, but I think the vet said it could also be from a thyroid problem. I see on her records they have Missy listed as 21 years and 9 days old. Yvonne told me today that she was 2 when she got her and her first owner also took her to the same vets office way back then so they must have the records yet from when she was a little kitten. I can take her to a bar and buy her a beer now !!!

They are going to call me tomorrow about Missy's blood tests.
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I am glad you got her home, calming for the kitties
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Awwwww congratulations Tom! Misty sounds gorgeous and i can't wait to see her in fur pics
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Oh, poor thing! She must be sooo scared. And she's 21 years old and someone gave her up? OMG!!! Maybe some Feliway would help her relax!?

Ooops --- I see now that your resident cat is that old and maybe with some health problems. Still, I understand that the new girl must be very scared and perhaps Feliway would help.
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She spent most of the day under the bed. I got her to come out about an hour ago. I am surprised that Cozmo is the one acting off and not Angel. I have a litter box and food and water in the bedroom and the door shut till Misty settles down.

Yes it is Missy that is 21 years old, Misty is a little over 3 1/2 years old. Its going to get confusing with two names so close to the same.

Misty just jumped in my lap and is head butting me to pet her.

I have the camera in here with us so I can try and get some good pictures of her and post them in a few minutes.
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Hi, I just posted 4 thumbnail pics of Misty in the furr pics section. She is now laying on the bed as content as can be.
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Misty is out exploring the house so she is doing much better. Cozmo got to close and Misty went after him so she is standing up for herself just fine. Angel just sits back and watches Cozmo and Misty argue things out. I am watching to make sure Cozmo don't back Misty into a corner so she has to fight with him. I think Cozmo is figuring out Misty will stand up to him so he is not as aggressive as he was.
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I am getting a little worried now. I got up early and went out to clean snow off the sidewalks before school since we had about 3" of snow last night, anyway I saw Misty then but since then I can't find her and she won't come or answer me when I call for her. It was about 6:00 this morning the last I seen her. I know she didn't sneak outside, but I went outside and looked for foot prints in the new snow by the back door and the back yard and didn't see any. I think she found a hiding place up stairs and is sleeping after her long stressful day yesterday.

I sure hope she is OK yet. I thought maybe Cozmo or Angel would give me a clue as to where she is hiding as I was going all over the house calling for her but I don't think they know where she is either. I think they have been looking for her as much as I have.
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I am sure she is just in hiding, sleeping the day away and getting used to the new sounds. She sounds lovely - will slip over to Fur Pics to see her.

It sounds like things are going well for as little time as you have had her. Bless you for taking her in Please keep us updated!
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she's probably just found a nice cozy spot to nap, like you said, it's been a stressful couple days for her. It sounds like she'll be getting along fine with the other kitties in no time! I'm also going off to see her pics
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I found her in a corner upstairs under a bunch of stuff stored up there. She was doing so good last night but today again she is real scared and Cozmo is bothering her real bad again. I wonder if they got into a fight up there while we were sleeping and didn't hear it.

Angel is back to normal already and don't bother Misty at all but Cozmo is being a jerk about the whole thing. I thought I knew my cats real good but I guess not, I thought for sure Angel was going to be the problem and Cozmo would try and make friends right away but its the other way around.
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well, Cozmo's still a rambunctious young man, you said that Misty stood up for herself earlier, give her time, I'm sure that Misty and Cozmo can work it out. I have a youngster, Perseus, who likes to pick on some of my girls, either they join in or let him know his attention is not appreciated, Pers learns quick enough who to avoid
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I can't sleep again tonight, but anyway Misty is doing much better now. She is eating and drinking good. In fact for a little while Misty and Cozmo were both laying on the bed with in a couple feet of each other, but they met eyes and stared at each other a while and Misty moved away from him. The more I get to know Misty I see that she has a grumpy side to her also and it don't take much to get her there sometimes. She was in a playful mood before so I was teasing her a little which she liked until I took my finger and touched her back foot, well her good mood went south right away, good thing the vet clipped her claws before I brought her home or my hand would be in tough shape right now. Other wise she is real gentle and careful in whatever she does as opposed to Cozmo and Angel who both have a pretty much up in your face way of doing things.
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Hi, Just a update, Misty is doing great, she gets along with Cozmo now just fine. Angel and Misty on the other hand just growl at each other if they get to close. Misty is so gentle and careful in the way she moves and does things, but she can get a "attitude" real fast if she wants to but she can loose the "attitude" just as fast and be a sweetheart.

I hope Cozmo don't read this but I am having a hard time not thinking of Misty as my little best friend over Cozmo. I try and spend the same amount of time with all of them but Misty is the one who likes much more attention than the others and will bug me till I give her attention when she wants it, she will lay right on my computer keyboard if I am on the computer and she wants attention. I feel bad because Angel has stopped sleeping by my legs on the bed at night, sometimes Misty does but now most nights we don't have any cats on the bed with us.

I am glad I decided to adopt another kitty and ended up with Misty, she is so well behaved we hardly know she is here as opposed to Cozmo who has to be into everything and making a mess.
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