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has anyone here experience with tryptophan-doses for cats? A friend of mine has heard, that tryptophan can help with fearful cats. And as my Jenny still is very afraid of Milena, I look for something helpful.
I already tried flower essences, they didn’t help.
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Tryptophan is an enzyme (?) in food. It does make you sleepy, for most people at least! The best place to get it is from turkey, that I know of. Dairy products have L-tryptophan, which is why a warm glass of milk can help you sleep. Not sure about for fear, although I guess you aren't as afraid while you're asleep LOL?

Are you wanting a non-food supplement? Not sure I would want to do that...one, I like to stick to food sources anyways, I have not heard of it's use for this but I'll try to look around. Which flower essence did you use? Did you get help in choosing the right one?

Ok....can't sleep so I found you some info:

About horses but great info still


These all seem to be tryptophan based pet products for fear. I can't find ingredient info online though, so maybe try a holistic pet shop near you?

Also found this product: http://www.morrills.com/stress.htm
NutriCalm for Cats - from Rx Vitamins
Features pharmaceutical grade 1-trytophan as well as valerian root, ashwaganda, kava kava to soothe and relax - important nutrients for cats to complement their overall diet. 1 capsule once or twice daily.
50 caps $14.95

Scroll down the the white block where she says
"I've also learned quite a lot about protein..."
it goes into tryptophan and diets

Hope that helps...didn't make me any sleepier. Guess I should get me some trypophan!!
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Thanks for the great links! I would also suggest looking into behavior modification techniques. And combined with behavioral therapy you can always try drugs like Prozac etc. Some vets are experts in giving the right meds for behavior problems, but I would highly recommend going for a holistic approach, combining behavior modification.
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thanks very much for your answers and for the links. They are very interesting.

I already tried flower essences, without any reaction. Last summer I contacted a vet which specialiced on behaviour problems. The vet gave antidepressiva for Jenny and had some proposals, but nothing helped really.

Now a friend of mine heard of tryptophan, which had already helped by behaviour problems of dogs. So I want to inform myself, whether this could also help Jenny and Milena.

Further on we 3 have a date tomorrow at a homoeopath.

I'm looking for everything which may help, for I never would let Jenny go and I also don't want to loose Milena. For she's so timid (she's a half feral cat), she just get accustomed to me. And neither of them has problems with my two other cats.
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I've used homeopathy for over 15 years and I think there's a good chance it could help. I've seen it change behavior in people (me included) and it never ceases to amaze me.
Let me know what your homeopath says, as I always want to learn more. I can't take my animals to one unless it's something serious, because we have to pay for our visits to our homeopath out of our pockets and can't afford it for the animals too on a regular basis, unfortunately.Hope you find some help.
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