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cat sounds

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Hello! I moved to the city from "the woods" a few months ago. This morning (at about 5:00, almost an hour ago) I was woke by a sound. Just coming from sleep, I could have sworn it was the sound of a pack of wolves behind the house, which I am relatively used to, even fond of hearing. But then I realized that I live in the city now (id est, no wolves), and that there were distinctly only two voices. So I grabbed my cane and walked rather hastily to the front door, and a second or so after getting outside two cats ran from the shrubbery near my window.

My guess would naturally be that it was a male and female cat (the rest being deduced from that...), but I still want to know: is it normal for cats to make this kind of sound? Other research thus far has led to one "crying" voice having been the female, but the male... would he "woof" or something?
Also, I am not exactly superstitious, but would like to know if there is any lore or "omens" about this type of thing (under any religion). Would anyone here know about this type of thing, or know somewhere else I can look to find out?
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Hi! What you heard was the prelude of a cat fight between either 2 males, 2 females, or one of each. They do sound like wolves sometimes! I come from a superstitious family, but I've never heard of it being an omen or having other meanings, but that's a very good question!!
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Thank you very much for the reply! I didn't (and, no offense, still don't) really think it was a fight, because it was going on for at least a whole minute before I began clothing myself and running out to see what was going on, and when they exited the bushes, they seemed only wanting to get away from me, and seemed to get along once they were sufficiently away from me. This website says "when mating, queens shriek. It's scary and resembles the sound of a cat in pain." This was the closest thing I could find fitting what I heard, despite I found nothing about any noises the male made. So, perhaps they weren't mating, but I don't think they were fighting either (once again, no offense). Unless they are dating.
The only reason I found this particularly notable (besides having woken up by it and never heard it before) was because I don't understand why they would be in front of my house. The previous owners were the first, and neither they nor I have any cats living here (so I don't figure it would be territorial/a popular hangout). In fact, there is only one cat that lives on my street.
And the mythology thing is primarily curiosity. I can't say I follow any of them, but you'd be surprised how often old folk lores, even/especially some old Babylonian and Egyptian (thus many cats) omens, seem to come true in my life. (My philosophy is whether it's chance or fate, it happens a lot, so I might as well see what I can about what's "supernatural" in my life)
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Oh, I understand!! I've had quite a few experiences with the omen/mythology happenings,too! Here's a video you might enjoy listening to....and hearing his reaction to a strange cat on an outdoor wall!

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im sure that in mythology there must be something about wolves and dogs, but i have never read anything about howling cats
regarding the religion i can share with what i know there is no 'omen' thing in islam on any matter, although it is said that if dog howls that means that it saw a devil...and again nothing is said about cat (the only 'special' thing is that cat is considered to be a 'pure' animal -- u can keep it at home, they r allowed to enter the mosque etc)
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