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My cats tail looks funny...

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We woke up this morning and Bella's tail looks odd. There's a "lump"(slightly swollen) at the base of the tail, and her tails hanging limp.

She was fine when we went to bed...any ideas as to what may be wrong?
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BTW, she doesn't appear to be in pain. She's otherwise acting normal for her.
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It could be an abscess (sp). Keep an eye on it. Maybe give your vet a call.
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I took her to the vet when I got home from work. He said she was bitten. I was because she's a housecat that hasn't been out in a year!!! He then said it may have been closed in a door...doubt it since the inner doors are kept open and we watch for her when we come and go. All I can think of is maybe one of us rolled over on her tail as we slept (she sleeps with us). He said it wasn't broken and didn't look odd to him, but you know how you know your animals and when somethings wrong.

He gave he cortizone and antibiotics just in case.
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My Bellasmom :P and I (Bellasdad?) took Bella back to the Vet Saturday, three days after I first took her. I just wasn't satisfied with the exam or the way he treated her. I kept talking about the tail (the reason I was there) but he seemed to blow it off.

Anyway, we went back and asked to see a different Vet. We were given a nice young man that did it right this time. He checked Bella over extremely well and listened to what we said. He came up with a different conclusion.

Backstory: We recieved Bella a year ago from a co-worker of Bellasmom. Bella had apparently been in an accident and had a broken rear right leg and a bloody ear. She paid to have Bella fixed up at the Vet but couldn't keep her, so we took her in. The one break in the leg was so close to the hip there wasn't alot they could do about it.

Which brings us to the current problem. The young vet seems to think the hip is acting up and the irritation is causing the swelling at the base of the tail due to the proximity. It makes sense because Bella has been meowing more when walking (a kitty version of OUCH! maybe?) She's also taken to using steps to get up on things instead of jumping (hip hurting too bad to jump?) He gave use some painkiller/anti-inflamitories to give her that we have to ween her off of so it must be potent. But the result is her tail is up again!!! She still has an odd "kink" in it though.

I just thought I'd update our fellow cat lovers.
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Way to go! Sometimes you have to be persistant and I'm sure Bella's glad you were! Many that Bella's tail doesn't flare up again.
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glad you went with your instincts and took Bella back to the vet. Hope she is okay!
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I am also glad that you went with your instinct and took her back. I hope the meds keep it under control and it doesn't flare up again, but if it does one day, at least you'll know better about what you're dealing with. I have been unlucky enough to walk away from a couple of different vets that I felt like they didn't hear a word I ain't cool. Maybe you can always get the one you liked best. Lots of that Bella stays out of pain.
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Thanks for the support!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
glad you went with your instincts and took Bella back to the vet. Hope she is okay!
Great furry parenting!

Sending vibes that she is okay :vibes;
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