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poor pugs mom

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http://www.kotv.com/news/local/story/?id=142709 I feel really bad for the woman in this story, to have your furbaby kidnapped then be taunted about it!
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That is awful!!! I believe Id have to hurt someone over my baby!
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That's terrible! That's pretty much like theft, I think. If they just found the dog then fair enough - but she actually knows who really owns it. It must have had a tag or something. Appalling. I doubt they'll get to keep it, to be honest, if they ever find her.

I mean, nice of her to let the owner know the dog was safe, but for the rest of it! I would die if I knew someone had my doggies and I didn't know where they were.
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OMG What a terrible person. How about someone takes her kid and lets her know the kid is o.k., but he/she won't be coming home. I feel realy bad for her daughter, what kind of lesson is she teaching her, it's ok to steal.
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The real owner needs to contact every vet in the Tulsa metro area with information on the missing pug. Get pictures published in the Tulsa World Newspaper along with a story.

The thief is a jerk.
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OMG! That is terrible. People are so mean and cruel.
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I saw this on a morning show a week or so ago. I can't believe anyone who actually cares about animals would keep someone's lost pet. I don't care how "in love" your children are with the dog... it has a home and pet parents that miss it. Yes, this is totally theft! I sure hope they get their pugs back. I bet he misses them.
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