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Purina Naturals (green bag) any good?

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We went from 1 cat to 3 in just about 3 months. Trying to get the oldest to like something the other two do. He dosen't like the Wellness that #2 will eat and only nibbles at the Nutro (Natural Choice Complete Care), that #3 eats (thats all she'll eat), when he's really hungry. #2 seems to like the Nutro as well so I'm leaning towards that but it's a hard sell for #1. When he, #1, was the only cat he would eat Purina Naturals green bag and seemed to like it just fine. Should I just keep a bag for him? How does the Naturals stack up nutrition wise to the Nutro?

Oh, the cats have names:
#1 Timmy
#2 Wiggins
#3 Holly

Thanks for you help, Tony
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read the label ... naturals has LOTs of corn , some wheat and soy and digest
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i would like a answer to this as well ..

anyone ?
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I presume it is better then many low cost dry foods accesible in daily food stores.
but if it is really good?

The reklam is way to flashy for me.

A lot of corn, wheat, soya... Perhaps not their fault: Many producers apparently believes they are good for cats: you can find these also in some wet food...
So the high protein % is partly from these vegetables - ie partly almost useless.
Fats are a little on the low side.

So, as answer.

I believe you can proceed. The cat should survive.
But if I can really recommend? Is another question.

You dont mention wet food. Have you tried??
I know not all cats like wet food - mine dont, especielly not my youngest.
But wet food of decent quality, supplied with some dry so they have something to gnag on in the night, is a very good solution.
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I feed Purina Naturals and Have had great results and it isn't too expensive! My cats turn down Nutro
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