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Just a tummy ache?

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Last night, Teddy vomited three separate times during the night (approx. 2 hours apart) and then in the morning he had diarrhea (sorry TMI but I thought it was worth mentioning.) He is about 16 months old and ever since he was a kitten, he has vomitted here and there. I always thought it was caused by him eating too fast. However this time, the vomit was different. It was mostly digested food at first but by the 3rd time it was mostly clear and foamy. When I got home today, I found another spot of vomit that was again clear and foamy. I don't think he ate anything all day while I was at work. But I did see him eat a little bit of the wet food I gave him tonight.

I'm not sure if he just has a tummy ache or if this is related to his recent bladder infection. Yesterday, he finished a dose of Clavamox to treat his bladder infection. He also had crystals in his urine so the vet put him on Science Diet c/d and he's been eating that for about 12 days. We went to the vet for a checkup on Saturday and the vet said he didn't have blood in his urine anymore but they sent the sample out for a urinalysis. I haven't heard from the vet's office regarding the results but they usually call if there is a problem so I'm assuming that it came back normal. I need to call them tomorrow for the test results but now I'm starting to get worried that this vomiting episode is something more serious...
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I would probably have him checked out by the vet! Just to be on the safe side of things, there isn't even any yellow in it??? Hmmm. Someone else on here that has more knowledge will probably know more than I do!! Good luck!!
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Clavamox can cause the loose stool but they don't usually vomit on it, the new food could though.

With that much going on medically, it is a good idea to call your vet and let them know about the vomiting etc as they will know your cat and the meds they gave better than us.
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I talked to the vet today and he didn't seem too concerned about the vomiting. He just said to watch him and see if he continues to vomit. The good news is that his follow-up urinalysis came back normal. The ph was down to 6 and no blood or crystals.
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