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Still no job yet I have put in at 37 places and only one interview!!! Send me some tomorrow I am going to call an old boss and see if he will take me back as a 3rd shift CNA...I dont know if they will are not I just know that they are desperate for help they had adds in the paper today for it as well as a training class!
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Many that you'll have good luck in finding a job!

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good luck!
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I hope you find a job soon. I have to start looking soon too. University takes a huge chunk out of your bank account.
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37 applications and no interviews or job offers?! Something is wrong.

What do you do after putting in an application? There are more people looking for jobs than there are jobs available. If all you are doing is filling out an application and dropping it off and waiting for them to call you; you won't find a job that way. Gone are the days where there were 3 applicants per job. Now there are hundreds and as someone who at one time had to hire people, I can tell you that it's a chore to wade through all of those applications and the interviews and jobs most often go to those who express eagerness and seek me out instead of sitting around with a 'wait and see' attitude.

Some tips to looking for a job:

1. Make sure you have a good resume. Not only one that lists your skills and abilities, but also one that sells your skills and ability and also lists your goals and ambitions where your career is concerned. Also try and keep it to one page. Employers don't have time to wade through a 5 page resume. So leave out that news paper route you had when you were 10 years old

2. Attach a hand written, personalized cover letter with each application. Don't type out and print out a form cover letter and sign it. Make sure it's hand written and individualized for each company.

Here is a link that explains what a good cover letter is and how it can help you nail that job.

3. Don't just stop at having put in an application. Follow up on that application. Call back in a couple of days and ask if they have reviewed your application. Thank them for their time and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them.

If you don't hear from them in a couple of days, call again. Don't be pushy and don't tell them you really need the job. Just inquire about the status of your application and tell them that you are eager to interview with them. Again, thank them for their time.

4. When you interview, indicate your eagerness to work with their company. Tell them why you would like to work with their company. Needing a job is not a good reason to give them Do some research and find out something about the company and tell them what it is that you like about their company IE: room for advancement, assistance in career training etc. etc. This will impress them that you actually made some effort and put in some time, and they are more likely to do the same. They want to invest in someone who is going to stay there and show a willingness to help the company grow through the benefit of their skills.

Sell yourself! Not just your skills and abilities, but also your attitude and your personality. Be positive without sounding pompous about your skills and abilities and how you feel you would be a great asset to the company.

During the interview sit up tall and straight. Don't cross your arms, don't fidget, don't slouch. Maintain eye contact without staring. Be honest. Take some time to consider your response before you give your answer. It's easy to stick your foot in your mouth when you are nervous. Taking time to think about your reply for a few seconds will prevent you from doing that. Just don't sit there for 5 minutes contimplating each answer

Ask them questions too! Interviewing is a two way street.

At the end of the interview thank them for having taken the time to meet with you. Let them know that you feel very positive about the job and that you are confident that you would be a great asset for their company. Then stand up and extend your right hand to shake their hand. A solid firm gripped hand shake, not one of those girly ones where you are afraid to touch their hands for fear of getting cooties!

You are not done yet!

5. Call back the next day and speak to the person who interviewed you. Thank them again for having taken the time to meet with you. Tell them how much you enjoyed your interview and that you found it to be a very positive experience. Let them know that you are confident that you are the right person for the job. Ask them when they will be making a decision.

Job hunting is a rat race these days. And you have to put in huge amounts of time and effort in order to stand out above the crowd.

I'm pretty good at writing up resume's and cover letters. In fact when I did mine after graduating nursing school, the person hiring me at the hospital indicated that he was very impressed with my resume and that it was the best one that he had ever seen. He even asked if he could keep a copy of it as an example.

So if you want some help with your resume and a cover letter that you can individualize, send me a PM and I'll be happy to help you.

With 37 applications submitted, you should have gotten at least 20 interviews and 10 job offers. So let's see if we can fix that for you
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Thats too bad I would definately be calling & following up on your applications!
I was unemployed for 7 months & it was awful, so I feel your pain
I hope you get an interview SOON!
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I don't have much to add other than when I talked to a career counselor she said that answering adds in the newspaper is usually unsucessful. So many people respond that your change of getting the job is very low. So she told me to think of people I knew who might have connections to the type of job I would like. Contacting an old boss is good because even if he/she doesn't have a job for you he/she may know someone who does. I did some research of career options for adults last semester and here in Wisconsin we have Workforce Development which has lots of options for help. Maybe your state has something similar?
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
answering adds in the newspaper is usually unsucessful. So many people respond that your change of getting the job is very low.
Yes. Thanks for mentioning that. I meant to but I ran out of time and had to leave and forgot.

By the time an ad hits the paper the job is usually already filled. It's usually best to go and "cold call" for jobs. Look for "help wanted" signs in the windows, drop of resume's to businesses that are in your field of interest, whether they have an ad in the paper or not.

And follow up! Follow up! Follow up!
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I know how you feel. I always have a really hard time getting jobs. I got really lucky with the job I have now. My boyfriend used to work for a cell phone company, who had a booth inside of a store. He knew the managers and let them know I was interested in their company and asked if they were hiring. I gave them my resume and out of a lot of people interviewed, I was one of 5 people that got the job. About 3-4 months later, I got promoted to supervisor.
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Sending {{{{find a great job soon prayers and vibes}}}} out to you And please take advantage of Natalie_ca's generous offer - it's gonna take some sales technique on your part Please keep us updated & try not to be discouraged - your TCS family is rooting for you
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Sending many "get more interviews" vibes for ya
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
please take advantage of Natalie_ca's generous offer - it's gonna take some sales technique on your part Please keep us updated & try not to be discouraged - your TCS family is rooting for you
Brandi did contact me about help with her resume. I'm working on it right now actually. Just waiting on her to send me a bit more information.

So hopefully it will get her in the door so that she can get a job!!
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post your resume on website s that do job bourds in your field..... not the big one like monster but the more individualized types
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I live in VA and am having a hard time finding a job, too. I am going through a temp service and finally got a temp job last week. Hopefully it will turn into something permanent, but there is no guarentee. I feel for you!! Good luck!
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Continuing to send {{{{find great jobs soon prayers & vibes}}}} out to our job-seeking TCSers!!
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Good luck! B has been looking since October and has had only 1 phone call. He even got rejected from Burger King. It is definitely tough and it being an election year, businesses are going to hold back spending only to see which direction the voters go.

My suggestion is to just use anyone and everyone that you know, even if its you're mom's friend that has only heard of you through your mom.

Also, write your resume towards the job you want, not about the experience you had. For example if you have a lot of office management experience and want a sales job, write about your job duties that pertain to a sales position. That makes you look qualified off the bat.

I would also avoid using those Resume making CDs. We have two of the brand name ones and should have taken advantage of their guarantee. In short, they're too generic. Use them if you need to get started, but if you use them only you've only gotten 75% of your resume done.

Good luck
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I finished a resume and cover letter for Brandi.

Keep sending those vibes that it will be enough to get her in the door for a job interview.
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