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Too old to neuter?

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Hey guys. My brother brought home our cat Mochacco not too long ago and has refused to get him neutered. He's about a year old now and we keep him in a room in a basement to prevent him from spraying around the house. I feel that this is no way to raise a cat, but my brother says that he's too old to be neutered, which I find hard to believe. Any advice?


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I don't know WHERE your brother got that idea, but you'd better get him neutered! He's not to old at a year old. He WILL start spraying and trying to get out of the house. Tom cat pee is not something you can easily get out of things - wood or concrete flooring. And the longer he stays an entire cat, the greater the chances are of cancer or other problems.

Take him in now and get him done - then he can live in the rest of the house. If you think its ok to lock up a cat in the basement cause you don't want to neuter him, then find him another home where he will be neutered and live as a happy and healthy cat!
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Fred was 7 years old when he was neutered. He was fine, he never sprayed, he really did not change much at all except he wold protect his turf a lot. He was not to be messed with. He was a little cat 6-8, lbs, but was not scared or the devil himself. He was not mean to cats, he loved other cats, but he hated a dog. He lived to 18.
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Breeders neuter their studs around 7 years old.....
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We get cats at the shelter older than that every week and send them to be neutered, it is not too old at all.
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Never too old to neuter or spay!!!
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I found a stray tom that was estimated to be 10 years old when I had him neutered. He turned from a wild fighting machine into the perfect lap cat and never sprayed. One year old is clearly not too old to neuter.
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I had a feral neutered while I was in Bosnia that my neighbour had been feeding for 12 years, and who used to come back every spring with loads of injuries from fights. He sprayed all round the garden too. But afterwards he stayed close to the house and didn't even spray, though cats do sometimes if they are neutered late. But a year is not too old and should be young enough to prevent any bad behaviour.
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I had Gizmo neutered when he was just over a year and he's fine, and he hasn't sprayed once.

He'll be much happier once he's neutered so please consider doing it ASAP, because it's really not fair to the cat to have to spend his days locked up.
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I had Yoshi done when he was young but he pees all over. Sadly he is dying from the Kidney Stones
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Some of my furbabies were adopted well over the age of a year old, and none of them had any problems getting neutered. It's unhealthy and risky NOT to have your pets neutered/spayed.

If you're not willing to have him neutered, it would be better for the cat to be placed in another home where he won't have to be "locked up" all the time, That's not fair to the cat.

Your brother is totally misinformed.

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