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Online Pet Supplies?

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I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, so feel free to move it to the appropriate forum if needed.

I've been searching online for almost an hour trying to find the best prices for Program for flea control. Does anyone else buy this online? My Vet's prices are $8 per pill and/or capsule that you squeeze the liquid onto their shoulder blades. I thought this was kind of pricey...especially with 3 cats and 1 dog. I know it'a necessity for them, but I'm just trying to save some money in the long run. Any suggestions?
I did find a website where I can purchase a 6 month supply (for one animal) for $29.20! www.pets-megastore.com
I thought that was a great price, but it's located in Australia and wasn't sure if it was legal to buy it from another country.
Any suggestions would be great!
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Have you tried Petmeds ?
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Try revival. They are usually very cheap and good service.
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I liked Petpharmacopia. About the same price, and in the US, and totally legal.
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I've always used Drs Foster and Smith ( Drsfostersmith.com ) and never had a problem. Their prices are fair, delivery is fast. That's where I get the kitties' vaccines from, speaking of that, it's almost time to order them for the spring....

I have to keep reminding myself, spring is only a month away, even if there is almost 2 feet of snow outside.....
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Shell, I've been buying Advantage for my two babies from them and I've been very pleased with Pets MegaStore. Their prices are the lowest I've seen, the meds are legit, and shipping is very fast(less than a week)and cheap! I would highly recommend them.
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Thank you everyone! I will check out the website you've all posted and go from there. Thank you all once again!
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