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Da Bird + attachments results

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OK, so I got Da Bird about a month ago plus refills. Junior and Missy both loved it and would compete while chasing it. I had to be careful to avoid midair collisions between them. However, Missy likes to chew on the feathers so it was time to order more. This time I ordered a 12-pack of refills plus the 3 other attachments available (sparkler, kitty puff, and fur fun).

First I tried the sparkler. Both Junior and Missy chased after the sparkler but only for a minute or two before losing interest. Next up was the kitty puff. Junior checked it out then ignored it. Missy chased it around about as much as she did the sparkler, but still nowhere near the regular feather attachment.

Finally I tried the fur fun. Again Junior wasn't interested but Missy went bonkers! She played with it like Junior plays with a new catnip toy (chewing, batting, tossing, etc)! I ended up taking it off the wand and just letting Missy go at it. She played with it nonstop while Junior and I went back to the feather. Missy completely ignored the feather so Junior had it all to himself, which he liked just fine.

All in all, the sparkler and kitty puff were more or less busts but Missy would still be playing with the fur fun if I hadn't taken it away.

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I finally got a Da-Bird for Zoe a couple weeks ago and she LOVES the thing! It's so fun to watch how much "air" they get, huh?

I have wondered about the other attachments but didn't get any because I had my doubts, so I'm glad to hear of your experience with them.
Sounds like with Missy loving the fur and Junior getting the bird all to himself, they both had a great time!
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Thanks for the review!

Wally's "Da Bird" arrived this week. He LOVES it and I was thinking of getting the other attachments, since he gets bored with things so easily
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