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Someone popped Oreo in the eye!

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I don't know what to do or if there's anything I can do. It all started with Punk. Last week he came to eat and he started drooling. It became thick and ropey but he ate and all seemed fine. 2 days later, his sister, Sweetheart, came to eat and she was drooling. On Sunday I noticed Trouble had a weepy eye. Yesterday Oreo came to eat (by now Punk and Sweetheart are not drooling anymore) and her thrid eyelid was showing and that eye was weepy clear. Today Trouble and Oreo show up and Troubles eye is till weeping but not so bad but Oreo looks as if she got popped a shot. Her 3rd eyelid is up and blood red.

How do I get this fixed? She is a feral. She only will come to the food when I am a good 10 feet away. I can walk within 5 feet of her before she shoots off. She will not go into the trap as I've been trying to trap them to move them. She doesn't eat out of a specific bowl so I can't medicate one bowl and get her fixed up. Any advice? She looks terrible.
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What tricks have you tried to get her in the trap? Sounds like she needs a vet - but I'm not up on eye problems, other than how herpes affects them - and that requires hands on treatment - which this sounds like it might.

Have you covered the trap with anything? A tarp? A box? branches with leaves?
Have you covered the bottom with anything? Cat litter? Potting soil? (That way their feet don't have to touch the wires - just make sure it's a very thin layer over the part that trips the trap).
Have you used really stinky food? Herring?
Did you completely wash the trap and spray it with Feliway?

Sometimes doing all of these things in combination will work for the trickiest ferals.

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Oreo is our smarty. LOL We even went to far as to use a towel with her Moms scent on it in the cage with her normal food and she just won't go near the cage. She knows it's there or something is out of place and will avoid the area. My hubby went so far as to scare her off so she doesn't see me set the trap....she still avoided it. We tried KFC, tuna, herring, a dab of cooked salmon, her normal food warmed up to smell worse and she will avoid the area. LOL

I feed on the open area of a porch and Oreo will avoid the whole porch when the trap is there. She is the 2nd to last to trap and move so I think that's made her trap shy. Also we've moved the trap to different places and she seems to just "know".
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Well.... what we've done in instances like this is to put food out at the same time for 1/2 hour for two days - in a large box open on each end (box large enough for trap). Then we don't feed for one day. Then we set the trap in the box with the stinky food in it at that 1/2 hour time.

But apart from trapping Oreo - I really don't know what to suggest . Maybe try PMing MA (hissy).

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Perhaps a drop trap like the one posted in this thread would work. http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...ight=drop+trap
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The situation is now worse. I went to feed today and when Oreo showed up half her little face is swelled up and that eye has green gunk coming out of it. She showed up just long enough to look at me, meow real softly then she took off and I haven't seen her since. I'm going to try and set up a drop off with our vet tomorrow. What I'm hoping to do is set it up so that I can grab her (with gloves on), toss her into the trap and haul her to the vet and drop her off. Let them medicate her and give her her shots. I'll bring her back home Monday, cage her in the shed and see what I can do with the meds. I just hope all the grabbing and transport doesn't tramatize her.

I also hope she's around tomorrow. Poor girl must feel miserable with that eye.
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